Bone loss around dental implants Getting dental implants is one of the practical and reliable means of replacing your lost teeth. However, it is important to be aware of certain issues that can affect not only your comfort and satisfaction from getting implants.  Also affect the success of the entire procedure.  With this in mind, it may help to look into one of the concerns linked with this process. This is the presence of too much cement and how it can result in bone loss around the implants.

Dental Implants and smoking Several people are wondering about the effects of smoking with the quality their dental implants over time. Since cigarette smoking is associated with slower recovery and healing processes, there may be problems with dental implants and smoking.  This can be a significant concern among those who have undergone dental implantation. dental implants and smoking

You are probably wondering – how old is too old for dental implants?

Is this dental procedure only advisable for younger adults, or can people over 65-70 years old also undergo this process? Furthermore, should there be other options for tooth replacement for older individuals instead of dental implantation? too old for dental implants?

Antibiotics for dental implant

For those who have missing teeth, one means of addressing this concern is through dental implantation. This is a sophisticated dental procedure that gives a more permanent solution to missing teeth, as compared to dental bridges. However, there may be an instance that bacteria are introduced into the body during the process. This can result to infections or even implant failure.  An infection that occurs around dental implants can be rather challenging to treat. There may be a necessity to remove the implants infected with bacteria.  With this in mind, prevention of infection is essential to achieve a successful dental procedure.

antibiotics for dental implant

Maintaining dental implants If you want to achieve maximum benefits from your dental implants, then you should be able to keep them well-maintained. You need to visit your dentist regularly to ensure the quality of the implants. For instance, this is  very crucial to attaining long-term success. During your initial dental visit, you will receive a guideline or a program. That must be followed carefully to give your replacement teeth optimum protection. This will also serve as a way to prolong the quality of your natural teeth.

Socket bone grafting If you are undergoing dental implantation, bone grafts for extractions may not always be necessary. For instance, socket bone graft is only intended to prevent shrinking of the bones, and this is performed during extraction. If the tooth is left undisturbed after extraction, it will be a few days before the bone starts to melt. Preservation is key to socket bone graft, so that atrophy of the bone can be prevented.

socket bone grafting not always needed

Implant system in Hungary For those who have a missing tooth, dental implants prove to be an effective solution to address their needs. Unlike fixed bridges and dentures, implants are more reliable, and these can last for several years with proper care.  Moreover, the look and feel of dental implants are similar to your original tooth. This can have a positive impact on your confidence, as well as your comfort when chewing your food or speaking.

Implant system in Hungary, smile like this lady

Dental implant or bridge?

Are you concerned about having a missing tooth? Aside from experiencing the discomfort in chewing your food or speaking, not having a complete set of teeth can negatively impact your confidence level. You may find it awkward to smile or even laugh for the fear of being ridiculed by others.

Missing tooth can cause misalignment or shifts as there is no solid structure to keep the other teeth in place.


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