Is dental implantation painful? Free guide here

Is dental implantation painful? Free guide here

When it comes to choosing the best and most practical solution to missing teeth, dental implantation proves to be an excellent option. Is dental implantation painful?

Not only do implants appear and feel like your natural teeth, but they can also last for a long time. What’s more, there is no need to grind the teeth next to the one that is missing, which is typical with dental bridges. Thus, your existing teeth are spared from any alterations that can compromise their strength and quality over time.

Is Dental Implantation Painful? Let’s see ! Is dental implantation painful?

As with any dental procedures, many people wonder if getting implants is painful or uncomfortable. The truth: pain is  significant issue that can affect your decision to go through the entire process or not. After all, there is the fear of not being able to eat or chew properly during the first few days. And you may even be concerned about having to take a leave from work due to the recovery period involved with getting dental implants.

While dental surgeries are never without any amount of discomfort, you will be relieved to know that those who have undergone dental implantation experience minimal pain.

The outcome is worth the process and recovery because of the outstanding quality of implants, which resemble your natural teeth.

Since there is general or local anesthesia used during the surgery, there is no pain at all in the process. In fact, you will only notice that your mouth feels a little numb during the placement of the implant into your jaw bone.

As you go through surgery, there is some discomfort and pain that may arise. These are expected once the effect of the anesthesia begins to wear off. Nevertheless, you will not have to deal with  pain since you can take a pain reliever prescribed by your dentist. These may also be over-the-counter medications that suit your condition.

What to Expect After Surgery ?

Soreness may be present, specifically in jawbone and locations where implants are placed. The drilling process can also contribute to some painful sensations even after one week of going through the procedure. The pain may also be felt to the chin, under the eyes and the cheeks. With some people, the degree of pain is just like when one gets a root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Other common side effects linked with dental implantation are swelling, bleeding and bruising. However, these effects should no longer be experienced after 10 days. There may also be instances when the pain wears off, yet become after 4 or 5 days of surgery.  When this happens, you can simply put an ice pack on the outer part of your mouth, but be sure it is over the affected area.

Recovery may take some time, which is why you need to get ample rest, eat a healthy diet and avoid chewing on the implant area. The healing process varies from one person to another, yet it should be over after 3 weeks of implantation. Just be sure to consult your dentist in case you are going through intensely painful sensations even after a month, so you can have the issue resolved right away.

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