Can a titanium implant offer a genuine alternative to a natural tooth root?

Can a titanium implant offer a genuine alternative to a natural tooth root?

Dental implant offers a more permanent and more practical solution to replacing your missing teeth while enhancing your physical appearance and comfort at the same time. If you wish to undergo this dental treatment process, then it is better to understand everything involved in it. This means, you will need to know the techniques included in the implantation procedure.

Facts about Dental Implantation

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There are different purposes that dental implants serve aside from merely replacing a tooth or several missing teeth. For instance, it provides a solid foundation to attach the crown, since there is an actual root placed right into your jawbone. After this foundation becomes integrated fully, this gives you the assurance that the new tooth is strong and solid, which should last for a long time.

In addition, the implant prevents further issues such as loss of density of your jawbone. The implant provides a sturdy root that keeps the bones in your jaw healthy and strong. This is something that you cannot achieve from other tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental bridges.

What to Expect

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Considering these remarkable features of dental implants, it is not surprising that more and more people rely on this process for the permanent replacement of their lost tooth. However, there are still a few individuals who worry about the feeling they may get from having titanium implant since it is clearly not a natural component of your body.

As with most dental treatment processes, there is slight discomfort to be expected after the procedure. This is typical on the affected area, or where implants are positioned. If you get treated in well-developed countries in dentistry you can expect full anesthesia, so for example it is a good choice to get dental implants in Hungary. There is nothing to worry about, though, since any type of pain or discomfort can be resolved by taking painkillers prescribed by your dentist. In a few days, you can already stop taking these medications since the pain is expected to subside eventually.

Once the pain has gone, you may hardly feel any difference in terms of the actual feel of having these implants. Others may have a sensation that the implants do not seem quite natural, while some patients become accustomed to it after some time. For those who may find it somewhat unusual having these implants attached, there is no discomfort or pain at all. Moreover, it can take a few days before you can adapt to this change. With the absence of pain, having implants should never be a bothersome experience at all.

There are some people who may find it a bit awkward or strange chewing their food using their implants. They may even worry about the durability and sturdiness of the tooth, since it is something new to them. However, you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about since dental implants can handle just about anything – including the pressure of chewing or biting your food. The fact that implants appear, feel and function as your natural teeth should be comforting enough, which means you should not worry at all. So, feel and look great with your new teeth – and never be afraid or shy about flashing those gorgeous pearly whites that boost your overall appeal.

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