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Dentures can often be uncomfortable when eating and talking. Implants feel and react just like your normal teeth.

These come with a lifetime warranty for the product.


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What kind of Dental Implants System We Use ?


We use Alpha Bio Dental Implant System by Nobel Biocare ( a world leader in innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solution ) for your healthy teeth and  your brilliant smile.

What is a tooth implant?


Implants replace missing teeth including their roots. They are set (implanted) in the place of the old teeth in the jaw itself. The bone will grow over the implant during time so that it will be securly fixed in the bone. During healing period (up to three months), the implants can be found under the gum which protects them from pressure. Once healed the head is screwed into the implant and finally the “new tooth” is fixed to this head just like a crown. The implant then feels like your very own teeth.


Implants have to meet three important requirements in order the artificial tooth root to be able to get fixed in the mandible jaw:

  • Implants are made of Neutral Titan which is accepted by our bodies and therefore alleviating rejection at a later date.
  • The course surface of the implant ensures providing the best condition for healing.
  • The shape of the implant plays an important part ensuring a perfect fit.

When is an implant needed and what are the advantages


Loosing your own teeth does not need to be an embarrassment. The new implants offer a dependable solution that looks good too!

  • It doesn’t affect healthy teeth
  • Implants provide a long lasting solution.
  • Implants feel like your own teeth and look natural.
  • Chewing your food normally again.
  • You can prevent bone-reduction in this way.

How are implants put in?


  • The implantation into the jaw is carried out by qualified oral surgeons.
  • Experienced surgeons are practised in implmentation.
  • Before treatment begins a digital panorma X-ray is taken to confirm the number of implants and if any bone construction is needed.
  • The implants are put in under local anaesthetic. After the implant is fixed, the gum is stitched up and is chilled in order to prevent it from swelling.



  • One implant takes around 20 minutes and usually one session is enough to carry out the treatment.
  • The surgeon carries out the operation with care and ensures the patient’s wellbeing under local anesthesia.
  • The medical staff performs a soft laser treatment the next day to accelerate the healing time and promote bone regeneration.
  • A local expert can remove the stitches 7-10 days after the operation in Budapest or in the patient’s hometown.
  • Typically, the implants fuse into the bone within 3-6 months, at which point the dentist can fit the new crowns.

Can everybody get implants?


Most people can have implants but there are cases where this is not possible.


For example:

  • Growing children
  • Serious heart disorders
  • Bone disease
  • Addiction to medication, drugs or alcohol
  • If the Bone area is too small
  • Diabetics can have the implants but need to consult with there GP before treatment.

How long do dental implants last?


Implants can last a lifetime. Oral hygiene plays a major part in preventing inflammations which are the biggest danger to implants.
Most patients have a trouble free life with implants by keeping to the advise of the dentist in regards to cleaning and hygiene.

What kind of dental implant system do we use?

We use Alpha Bio Dental Implant System by Nobel Biocare (world leader in innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solutions) for your healthy teeth and your brilliant smile.

After more than 5 years of intensive research Alpha-Bio Tec has developed a superior NanoTecTM surface for its implants. Alpha-Bio Tec’s NanoTecTM implant surface is a sandblast large particles acid etched surface which enables the absorption of blood directly into its micropores immediately after the implant placement. It promotes healing and growth of tissues adjacent to the implant surface, thus accelerating and improving the osseointegration process.


Alpha Bio Tec’s NanoTecTM implant surface is treated with sand blasting to create a macro surface of 20-40 micron. Moreover, it undergoes a double thermal acid etching process to create micro pitting between 1 to 5 micron with nano-pitting. The implant surface then undergoes a treatment to build a titanium oxide layer.

Retrospective clinical data shows that Alpha-Bio Tec’s implants achieve an overall clinical success rate of 98.3% and a 99.6% clinical success rate when using the immediate loading procedure.

NanoTecTM advantages
Increased early bone to implant contact
Increased stability
Shortened healing period
Higher predictability

The implant surface is key in achieving optimal osseointegration. It is well documented that the surface characteristics of implanted materials can influence the healing and growth of tissues adjacent to the implant surface.

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