When is Crown Lengthening Necessary?

When is Crown Lengthening Necessary?

Crown lengthening is a procedure to ensure that there is enough foundation and space for restorative treatment of troubled teeth. It includes removing some gum and bone around the tooth which then exposes more of the tooth structure. It becomes easier for dentists to perform treatments like fillings and crowns accurately.

The process involves pulling the gum to show more of the tooth, and sometimes some bone is removed as well. This can prevent the situation when there is insufficient tooth for a crown. It can also help get rid of any hidden tooth decay.

Biological width

As far as most dental experts are concerned, the preservation of the 3mm thickness as the biological width minimizes the possible occurrence of periodontal attachment loss. Periodontal inflammation can result if there is a biological width violation during dental procedures.

Crown lengthening surgery is implemented to establish a biological width for proper dental health in restorative treatments, tooth fracture, or decay.

Aesthetics – crown lengthening

crown lengthening

Surgical crown lengthening provides an option to augment crown length, especially when restoring a severely affected tooth. Dentists usually consider common conditions before the surgical procedure, such as restorative and esthetic problems challenges.

Similarly, they consider crucial things like the crown-to-root ratio, biologic width, healing period, and reasonable outcomes following restoration.

Orthodontic Treatment

In scenarios where a part of the teeth is partly covered by gum tissue, orthodontic treatment can be difficult. When there is an obstruction to the tooth exposure by the gums, it can become an impediment to the operation of orthodontic appliances. It can make it impossible to move the teeth properly.

Such a situation can be caused by various factors, including genetic disorders, abnormal exfoliation of teeth, improper position of teeth, or previous inadequate treatments.

In the absence of the proper amount of tooth exposure, the orthodontic treatment will not yield favorable results. This can also prolong the time taken for recovery and compromise the final results.

Crown lengthening offers a creative alternative to this problem. Crown lengthening helps reshape both gum and bone tissues that lead to more of the tooth surface to be exposed.

Hence, this exposes the necessary space which orthodontists need to apply braces, aligners or other orthodontic appliances successfully.

Excessive Tooth Wear

With time, factors that include teeth grinding or acidic erosion can cause the teeth’s enamel to wear down greatly, weakening the structural as well as the functional aspect of the teeth.

Extreme tooth wear diminishes the aesthetic quality of the teeth and consequently increases the risk of dental problems such as sensitivity, fractures, and decay as well.

In those instances, when the wear of teeth gets worse, the conventional restorative procedures might not be enough to return the tooth to its natural shape and function.

This is here where crown lengthening emerges as a beneficial alternative. Through the removal of excess gum tissue and bone reshaping, crown lengthening reveals more enamel. This is then used as the base for processes like crowns or veneers.

Crown lengthening conclusion

In summary, crown lengthening has several purposes beyond cosmetic enhancement and may sometimes be required for tooth restoration, periodontal disease, and fixing uneven gum line, teeth misalignment, and excessive tooth wear. Dentists can identify when crown lengthening is required and advise the patient accordingly to maximize oral health and achieve the desired results.

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