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Step 1: Contact us

Step 2: Get a free dental plan

Fill our form here on the website or contact us via e-mail/mobile.
We recommend you to have a digital panoramic x-ray taken in your home town, it costs around 40 € / £33. This will save you the cost of a trip to Budapest and allow us to analyze the condition of your teeth. We’ll contact you and send you a detailed treatment plan and the costs within 3 working days.

Step 3: Plan your dental travel to Budapest

Plan your dental travel to Budapest with or or or or or Let us help with arranging your trip around your preferred dates and schedule your treatment at our clinic. Then book your flights.

Step 4: Choose your accomodation

We can help you arrange accomodation from apartments to 3, 4 and 5 star hotels at special low rates close to our surgery. Please contact us for further details.

Step 5: Arriving in Budapest

A member of our staff will be waiting for your arrival at the airport. We will transport you to your accommodation and the dentist’s surgery for free during your staying.

Step 6: Dental treatment

General treatment: on average, crowns and prosthesis can be made within 3-5 days. Dental implants on average require 2-3 trips to Hungary over a 4 month period. 10 treatment days + healing period are needed to complete an implant with crown (not including a bone graft and/or sinus lift if necessary).

Step 7: Payment

Payment methods: cash (GBP, EUR, USD or HUF), bank transfer (in advance) or you can pay with cryptocurrencies. Bank drafts and cheques are not accepted in our clinic due recent impositions.

Step 8: Departure, travelling home

FREE airport transfer available

Step 9: Enjoy your new teeth

Are you ready for the perfect smile? Get your free dental plan now!


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