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What are porcelain veneers?


VeneerA veneer is a very thin ( 0.5 mm) layer fixed to the outside of the tooth. Usually fitted to the front teeth.


Porcelain veneers can improve your smile by adding a spark to your smile and your total appearance enchanting.


When do we recommend porcelain veneers?


Most frequently applied for aesthetic reasons, when the colour of a tooth is too dark, or when it’s shape is too imperfect, or when the space between two nearby teeth is too wide.


Treatment procedure:


During the preparation a thin layer, approximately 0.5 mm is removed from the teeth.


Veneers are prepared by a dentist or by a laboratory technician with the help of an impression. It is fixed to the tooth with an extremely strong adhesive. It is a beautiful and aesthetic solution. usually made of porcelain or in the case of rear teeth other materials, based on synthetic resin (ceramage).


Advantages of porcelain veneers :

– will give your teeth a natural and healthy appearance

–  they duplicate the features of natural dental enamel


Porcelain is as a ceramic does not easily pick up stains. If there is a stain, it can be polished off easily during a normal cleaning.

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