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Up to the age 18 nearly everyone has white teeth. But then age, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and medications begin to dull your teeth, turning them yellow and taking the sparkle out of your smile.


If you don’t want to live with that – and who does? – you can choose a whitening treatment.


Before and after

  1. Your whitening treatment begins with a complete check-up of your teeth. Unhealthy teeth need to be treated before commencing the whitening session.
  2. Using a colour guide the dentist determindes the current shade of your teeth.
  3. Then your teeth are quickly cleaned to remove plaque, tartar and other stains. The dentist applies the teeth whitening gel directly onto the teeth.
  4. After positioning the whitening tip, all teeth are exposed for 20 minutes to harmless and painless plasma light.
  5. The gel is removed and the procedure is repeated twice more.
  6. After the third session the teeth are rinsed and the result is matched with the colour shade guide so you can see the amazing difference between the „before and after”.

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