Dental Inlays

An Inlay is a filling that can replace missing tooth tissue, thus restoring a tooth’s anatomical shape, chewing ability and function.

Inlay Inlay’s are recommended when decay has already affected two or more parts of the surface of the tooth, or when decay is found in the areas around a removed filling and affect one or two surfaces that are in touch with the teeth next to it. It is highly recommended to replace old, larger amalgam fillings, to restore edges or to cover teeth that have had root canal therapy.

Ceramic-inlays: the ceramic-inlays are aesthetic and natural in form and colour.
Gold-inlays: the advantages are as follows:

  • good compatibility
  • considerate towards the teeth
  • long lifetime

Ceramage-inlays: are plastic-ceramic-inlays, which can be worked on more precisly.