Oral hygiene

Oral hygieneAfter eating remains of food can be found on the tooth-surface, called dental plaque. If plaque remains on the tooth-surface, it becomes calcified, called tartar. Tartar can cause many problems in the mouth, therefore teeth are inspected regularly to control and to clean them in order to prevent gingival inflammation and other odontopathies.

Nicotine, coffe, tea and redwine discolour teeth with time. Oral hygiene is important to keep your teeth looking nice.

Complete mouth-hygenie includes the removing of tartar, the cleaning of teeth-pockets and an airflow-treatment. In the past Dentistry used polisihing appliances to remove tartar. An airflow-system (which is a powder jet) has widen the treatment and is completely painless, leaving the enamel intact. The discoloration of the teeth can be removed and can reach the difficult areas with ease.