Missing teeth problems and the treatment

Missing teeth problems and the treatment

MIssing teeth problems and the treatment. What is the worst that could happen if you ignored your missing teeth?

There’s a lot at stake, even if the gaps are not visible when smiling. You might start avoiding some of your favourite foods like steak, nuts, and apples. If visible in a smile, those teeth gaps can dent your confidence, and this is the last thing you want when walking into an interview room. These are also just a few of the missing teeth issues affecting many adults.

Keep reading to learn the physical and psychological consequences of failing to replace your missing teeth.


Many patients with missing teeth issue for example choose to live with it . Perhaps they don’t realise the risks associated with it. Whether you lost teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, injury, or poor nutrition, those gaps could pose serious problems, including:


The effects of missing teeth will be felt when eating. You will experience discomfort when biting down or chewing hard foods. This could lead to badly chewed foods that cause digestive issues. Or you’ll eat less or avoid your favourite foods, putting yourself at risk of nutritional deficiency.


Failure to fill the tooth gaps left behind will leave free space for the adjacent teeth to move over time due to pressure from eating. You may have to deal with teeth alignment and gap problems that could be a source of other issues, such as a painful bite. In the worst case, they may contribute to tooth decay and tooth loss.


When you lose teeth, the jawbone starts to resorb because it does not receive stimulation like when the teeth are in place. Over time, the jawbone deteriorates. Bone loss affects your facial structure, making you older with a shrinking face.


Teeth provide support for the circle of muscles and skin around your mouth. People who choose to live with missing teeth tend to have a noticeable sagging facial skin. They look older than they should.


Missing front teeth can make a difference in how you pronounce certain sounds. Struggling with sounds can prove embarrassing, and your confidence may take a hit.


If the missing teeth are visible when you smile, you might feel embarrassed and avoid smiling. Reports show that 23% of people experience this problem.


A survey revealed that 28% of patients with missing teeth felt their appearance compromised their chance of securing a job.


Your treatment options for missing teeth include:


Depending on your case, the dentist may recommend single-tooth or full-arch dental implants. Once fixed into place, the implants never shift or move. You’ll hardly tell the difference between dental implants and natural teeth. What’s more, they are highly durable.


Your oral surgeon can fill those unwanted teeth gaps with dental bridges. It is suitable for replacing a single or a few missing teeth, not a full-arch replacement. Bridges are attached to the surrounding healthy teeth on either side of the gap.


Not everyone with missing teeth is a candidate to receive dental implants. If the oral specialist establishes you are not a fit, they may ask you to consider dentures. This option will likely not prevent other missing teeth issues like bone loss and premature facial ageing. Also, many patients find dentures uncomfortable.

Say goodbye to missing teeth issues causing you physical and emotional distress. Get in contact with us to evaluate your dental case and recommend the best solutions for your missing teeth.

Here is for example our patient Giovanna’s case from Belgium! Giovanna read our blog about missing teeth problems and the treatment and she contacted us.

She got a 5 pieced porcelain fused to metal bridge at our clinic in only 4 working days. Giovanna’s quotation in Belgium was 3300€ for a 5 pieced porcelain fused to metal bridge. She got this type of bridge at our clinic for only 230€x5=1150€. In conclusion: Giovanna spent 5 days in Budapest , the beautiful capital of Hungary and she saved 3300€-1150€= 2150€.

Missing teeth no more at this young girl! Got a new bridge!

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