does a veneer need to be removed to fill a cavity?

does a veneer need to be removed to fill a cavity?

It’s possible to get cavities while having veneers even if your healthy teeth are covered by them. If you feel you have a cavity and veneers are covering them up, you can still have dental treatment to remove any cavities.

Can I get a cavity filled with veneers?

Your veneer is made from dental material that doesn’t cause tooth decay. The small gaps behind and underneath the edges of a veneer are where cavities can appear. Cavities are caused by plaque which starts to attack your teeth if you don’t brush often enough. Also, the slightest gaps along the edges of your veneer can become a spot where cavities can form. It’s the plaque that contains minerals that erode your teeth and cause holes that turn into cavities.

What happens if I get a cavity under veneers?

You probably won’t notice at first any tooth problems since it’s hard to see underneath the edges of your veneers. Once tartar starts to harden into plaque, it’s much harder to remove with a toothbrush. The plaque will slowly start to make tiny holes in your teeth under the gum line and under a veneer edge. This will eventually create the ideal place for a cavity. You can avoid this by brushing often and planning regular trips to your dentist to check for plaque and cavities.

How do you treat cavities under veneers?

If you do have a cavity under the edge of a veneer, your dentist can treat this area. For example they’ll remove the cavity and fill it with dental filler. This is not a complicated procedure and usually fixes the problem without removing the veneer at all. The filler material will bond to your veneers and match their original color of them. If the cavity is deeper under your veneer, your dentist will need to remove the veneer to treat your tooth.

After this, your dentist will create a completely new veneer to replace the old veneer.

How does a dentist remove veneers?

The bonding material that’s used for attaching veneers to your teeth is very strong. In the past, veneers would be ground off using a dental drill. These days, your dentist will use a hard tissue laser that loosens the bonding cement without hurting your healthy teeth. The laser basically deactivates the adhesive making it easy for a veneer to come off easily. After this, your dentist can treat and fill a cavity and then reattach your old veneer afterward.

veneers removed to fill the cavity

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