Are Teeth Gaps Okay? Read The Truth About Diastema and Your Dental Health

Are Teeth Gaps Okay? Read The Truth About Diastema and Your Dental Health

Teeth gaps or the space between your teeth isn’t something new but a common dental issue that orthodontists call Diastema. Some patients don’t mind it since it infuses individuality and character. Conversely, others prefer having the standard smile, which can cause concern. Regardless, it occurs for several reasons and can be a warning sign as well. Here’s everything you need to know about Diastema, whether or not you prefer to close this gap.

What’s the Reason Behind Gaps Between Teeth?

Diastema is one of the dental issues having numerous causes, and as such, it’s always best to solve them from where they stem. Studies reveal that jaw and tooth sizes are hereditary, but a few other issues still play a part. Tinier teeth and/or more significant than average jaws cause more expansive spaces between teeth. Besides, growth quirks do occur regularly, contributing to the problem.

The labial frenulum is the tissue between the teeth and gums, which your orthodontist may mention. It can be prominent for some people, leading to Diastema.

Besides, gum disease can play a significant part since it’s a serious non-genetic tooth-spacing cause. The inflammation in the gum between the bone and teeth can cause gaps since it loosens your teeth. It worsens if it becomes particularly grave, leading to the chronic gum disease (Periodontitis) that’s proportionately painless. This disease can progress unknowingly, and only the gaps can signal that it’s advanced. Therefore, it’s usually critical that you schedule regular check-ups with your family dentist.

Do Teeth Gaps Grow More Expansively as You Age?

During your early years, your teeth grow and constantly shift, which is usually more apparent before you mature. Regardless, it’s never surprising to notice your teeth shifting continuously throughout your life. It implies that, over the years, your teeth gaps can get significantly expansive or tinier in some cases. Therefore, it’s best to talk to your doctor to get a clear picture of your teeth’ shifting behavior as you age.

Do Bad Habits Lead to Teeth Gaps?

Pushing your tongue towards your teeth is one of the bad habits that orthodontists refer to as tongue thrust and slowly moving the teeth apart. Instead, the conventional way should be to push your tongue towards your mouth’s roof. Bad habits can therefore be the cause of teeth gaps.

How Do I Close the Gap Between My Teeth?


Invisalign can be one of your treatment option if a significant dental misalignment is the cause of gaps in the gap between your teeth.

Dental Crowns or Porcelain Veneers

A gap can occur if your teeth are marginally out of place or are way tinier than average. That means it shouldn’t always be due to a significant dental misalignment. Dental crowns or porcelain veneers can substitute Invisalign treatment in this case.

Porcelain veneers narrow the gap between teeth and shape them and are customized porcelain pieces your physician attaches to the front of your teeth. They also have the potential to mask other aesthetic issues, including discoloration, teeth chips, and others. On the other hand, dental crowns work similarly to porcelain veneers, only that they cover every inch of the exposed tooth surface.

Dental crowns and porcelain veneers require fewer dentist visits , for example at our clinic in heart of Budapest we complete the treatment in general in only 4-5 working days, which is an added perk for you.

Here is for example one of our patient, Ian’s case from UK who had gaps between he’s teeth. He got 10 pieces of metal free zirconia crowns in only 5 working days . Ian’s treatment quotation in UK was £10.000 and paid £2950 here in Budapest at our clinic. He stayed 6 days in Budapest and , the total spending was : £2950 ( full cost of he’s treatment) + £110 ( flight ticket) + £350 ( accomodation) + £400 ( another spendings like entertainment…) = £3810. Ian’s total saving was £6190 .

Here you can see Ian’s before and after smile:

 with gaps between teeth
 without gaps between teeth
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