Connected Dental Implant Teeth or Separate Crowns ? What is the Best?

Connected Dental Implant Teeth or Separate Crowns ? What is the Best?

Connected dental implant teeth or separate crowns?

Are you concerned about the unsightly appearance of having several missing teeth? Not only unattractive, but you may even have a difficult time chewing because of not having enough teeth to grinding . With this in mind, you should consider getting dental implants for your particular concern.

connected dental implant teeth or not?

Connected Dental Implant teeth Vs Separate Crowns ( Which is recommended in case of Dental Implants in Hungary ? )

When there are several missing teeth, you may find yourself with two options –connected dental implant teeth or separate crowns.

Let us look at the pros and cons between these two of your choices:

With individual teeth, you can easily floss and clean in between the crown of your teeth. This should be more convenient on your part since it works just like how it normally would with your natural teeth. Most importantly, it is hassle-free to replace or repair a cracked or broken crown when it is an isolated tooth. This is indeed more convenient and cost-effective unlike with replacing a few connected teeth.

However, there are also some concerns with separate teeth. In case vertical bone loss has already occurred, this would result to having your teeth somewhat longer. Over time, food will get stuck in between the dental implants beside each other. This also occurs due to the lack of periodontal ligament, a component that prevents bacteria from getting into your teeth’s critical parts. Single crowns are also more susceptible to damages and breakage, an issue that is not common with connected implants.

connected dental implant teeth or separate crowns

On the other hand, connected dental implants also have their own limitations, depending on the way they are joined together. In most instances, this option is applicable in locations where there is a strong bite force such as in your upper molars. If bone graft is a necessity in your case, then it would be better to go for connected implants to distribute the right amount of biting force in an even manner. This can reduce your risks of suffering from bone loss when you grind or clench your teeth.

Make the Right Choice

In the end, the choice is completely up to you. It is also based on your particular condition since your dentist will still assess any issue that is likely to arise after choosing connected or individual dental implant teeth. With this in mind, it is best to choose the right specialist who can help you decide on the best option that addresses your needs effectively.

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