Why Replace Missing Back Teeth with Dental Implants ?

Why Replace Missing Back Teeth with Dental Implants ?

Perhaps you have been missing a tooth or two for years, and you are probably used to not having them anymore. As you get accustomed to your missing tooth, the more you put off that ever-important goal of replacing it. This is more likely to happen when it is in a location that is not visible each time you smile or talk. Since no one – not even yourself – notice the missing tooth, you may assume that it is not completely necessary to have it replaced. However, is this really the best thing to do, or should you work on getting a tooth replacement procedure done?
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Why Tooth Replacement is Necessary


The truth is, not having a missing tooth replaced is never a great idea. Even when it is in a spot that is barely visible, you still need to have a replacement tooth to help you chew your food thoroughly. What’s more, your teeth will eventually shift when there is a space created by a missing tooth. With this in mind, overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth can be common issues to arise in the future.


You have to realize the fact that a tooth is not a separate unit. It is a part of a system that relies on other teeth to perform its function in a more efficient manner. There are front (anterior) and back (posterior) teeth, which all work together to facilitate better digestion as food is grounded up into smaller pieces. The canines and incisors, for instance, are used for biting and cutting your food. On the other hand, you need your molars and premolars to chew your food. So, if you are missing one of these teeth, then you will have a hard time each time you eat your meals.


If you have lost a posterior tooth, this can impact the symmetry of your face. Not having a tooth or two at the back of the mouth will cause your cheeks to go inwards and become more hollow. Thus, this will make you appear older than you really are. Wrinkles and fine lines will soon develop, and additional pressure on the front part of the teeth can affect your chewing and eating.


Gaps between your teeth will soon arise, and even the alignment of your teeth can change drastically over time. When left unaddressed, these issues may take years to correct, plus it can be an expensive process, at the same time. Your temporomandibular joints will also be affected negatively, and too much pressure can lead to excruciating pain. Why subject yourself to these problems, when you can do something about your missing tooth right from the start?


Dental Implants for Missing Posterior Teeth


Dentures may be one of the options to replace missing back teeth, but it can be a tedious process cleaning them after every meal. The same holds true with a dental bridge, and the neighboring tooth may even have to be shaped throughout the process. Hence, dental implants are more practical since there is no need for any support from your existing tooth. This process includes a standalone unit made of a sturdy titanium post, which is inserted into the jawbone. With proper care and maintenance, you can be sure that your implants will remain in outstanding condition for several years to come.

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