What kind of implanting system do they use most often in Hungary?

What kind of implanting system do they use most often in Hungary?

For those who have a missing tooth, dental implants prove to be an effective solution to address their needs. Unlike fixed bridges and dentures, implants are more reliable and sturdier, and these can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. Moreover, the look and feel of dental implants are similar to your original tooth. Hence, this can have a positive impact to your confidence level, as well as your comfort when chewing your food or speaking.

Dental Implants in Hungary – System and Technique Used

In Hungary, the most common dental implant system used is Alpha-Bio by Nobel Biocare ( World leader in Dental Implants). They have an efficient, simple and practical technique  which focuses on the use of a single internal platform for implants.

The dental implant system used involves a number of surgical procedures, and these are applicable to all patients regardless of their bone type. In fact, according to clinical data, the surgical procedures conducted by Alpha-Bio Tec had a 98.3 percent success rate, which gives clear picture of the kind of outcome you can expect from the treatment process.

In addition, there are several options available to address various types of dental problems. A single platform for restoring the proper function of your teeth is offered to patients, and this allows the use of any tools no matter the implant diameter is.

The GRAFT, which is a unique system by Alpha-Bio, includes a complete line of biomaterial products such as Alloplasts, Allografts and Xenografts. These products are well-engineered and crafted with the use of manufacturing processes that provide dental specialists with the tools they need for various procedures. These are also renowned for their ease of use, low maintenance, effectiveness and optimum results.

About the Nanotec Implant Surface

Alpha-Bio Tec dental implants use a special type of material known s the Ti-6AI-4V Titanium Alloy. This material is regarded for its durability and strength, and it is made of highly-biocompatible elements. After comprehensive research and clinical tests, the NanoTec Implant Surface has been proven to be an excellent solution for osseointegration.

An intricate process used involves acid etching and sandblasting, and these produce a high surface level of differentiation, which leads to a significant increase in the 3D surface area. As a result, this facilitates a quicker absorption of plasma proteins and blood into the micropores of implants right after these are placed. It is also worth noting that the properties and texture of the implant surface have a direct impact on the dynamic wettability upon immediate contact with the affected area. With Alpha-Bio Tec’s advanced treatment system and technologies, this can lead to precision outcomes in the entire process.

Overall, the process involving the NanoTec implant surface offers several benefits such as quicker recovery, enhanced osseointegration process, higher rate of predictability and improved bone-to-implant contact. With all these things in mind, you can expect total satisfaction and value for your money through this advanced technology in dental implanting.


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