There is nothing more concerning than having sensitive teeth for activities that should be normal for you. It can happen whenever you eat or drink your favorite foods and even something as simple as brushing your teeth. But the result is always the same with a sharp pain that temporarily makes your teeth react to temperature changes. The great news is you can have treatment for sensitive teeth!

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The root cause of sensitive teeth isn’t always a single reason. It can be from worn tooth enamel that’s eroded after many years. It can also come from the condition of your teeth if a tooth is cracked or chipped. The untreated cavity will certainly make a tooth more sensitive, while loose fillings will also have irritating sensitivity problems. Many people do not know that tooth sensitivity is the result of gum disease.

If any of these problems have become a burden for you, it’s always worth a visit to your dentist. They identify the causes of your tooth pain, and, in most cases recommend a treatment that can relieve tooth sensitivity .

• Use desensitizing toothpaste

One suggestion for short-term treatment if the problem is from worn enamel is to use desensitizing toothpaste. This will help start to block the pain associated with sensitive teeth after many applications. You can find these products over-the-counter in any pharmacy or drug store and don’t need a prescription. Of course, your dentist will recommend which brands will have the best results.

• Fluoride treatments

Another treatment can include an application of fluoride onto sensitive teeth to help strengthen eroded tooth enamel. This is not limited to getting a prescribed fluoride treatment you can do at home using fluoride gel inside a special tooth tray.

• Recessed gums and gum grafts

Over the years activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol will cause gums to become recessed. This can cause sensitive teeth when the gums have receded past the exposed enamel. Your dentist may suggest adding filler material that is resin-based to fill in exposed roots that aren’t covered with enamel.

If the problem is more serious, it may call for gum grafts that are added to exposed teeth using healthy gum tissue in your mouth. This is a procedure that will require your dentist to perform using anaesthesia to make this procedure painless.

• Root canal

A root canal might seem drastic but for anyone who has a severe toothache, this is a proven method for stopping pain in its tracks. This method also is an alternative treatment for chronic tooth sensitivity by removing the soft nerve core of a healthy tooth. This will stop tooth pain forever and is one more option that has proven results.

• Preventative treatment for sensitive teeth

Even for those with thin enamel, the teeth sensitivity can be treated and stopped with regular fluoride treatments at home. It’s better to brush twice a day in addition to flossing so the fluoride will help repair damaged spots that are causing sensitivity problems. It’s also a good idea to use a soft-bristle toothbrush and gentle brushing strokes to reduce removing enamel. Also, avoid toothpaste that is gel-based and doesn’t contain abrasive brushing ingredients.

You might also have a habit of grinding your teeth during the day or at night. Your dentist can suggest a mouth guard that helps to reduce the grinding of teeth. It can also help to prevent cracked teeth that have had previous dental work or cracked old fillings that are being compressed with tooth grinding.

The last tip is to be careful with select foods and drinks that are responsible for damaging your tooth enamel. Carbonated drinks with citric acid, citrus fruits, and wine are all terrible at reducing tooth enamel over the years. Use a straw if you like these drinks so it limits the contact with your teeth as much as possible.

As often as you can, washing off your teeth with a glass of water helps to reduce acidic levels so food and drinks don’t have a chance to erode your teeth. If you follow these simple tips, you can reduce tooth sensitivity unless you decide on a simple dental procedure to stop the problem right away.

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• Treatment for sensitive teeth on holiday?

If you happen to be on holiday and are having tooth sensitivity problems while visiting Budapest, we highly recommend our dental services that will fix these problems right away. Our highly-trained expert staff understands tooth sensitivity problems, and many more dental services, that cost a fraction of what you would pay at home. Call us for more detailed information.

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