Read the interview with our patient James H. from UK, London.

Read the interview with our patient James H. from UK, London.

1. How come the idea of getting dental treated in Hungary?

I already knew that Hungary is renowned for its expertise in dentistry and affordable prices. After errors and long periods of waiting for my treatment in the UK, I had had enough and decided to give Budapest a try.

2. How did you found Contident?

I researched Dentists in Budapest and liked the look of look of Contident.

3. Did you have consultations with other dental companies?

Yes, one in London which was very expensive for the amount of work I wanted done, and the other was in Budapest with a clinic also in London.

 4. After all, why did you choose Contident?

Lorand was friendly, prices were good and the other Budapest/London firm were making things more complicated

5. After so many e-mails were there any doubts left in you? You planned to visit a completely unknown country, to let youself be treated by unfamiliar dentists.

I trusted Lorand and the team after doing research on the internet. At the start i was nervous but that soon left me.

6. Most of the people are scared and have fears of dentistry. How was it in your case?

I’m very nervous. But I was also determined to have nice teeth! I was very surprised by the delicacy placed in the injections. I have a fear of injections and the numbing injection was easy.

7. How could you defeat your fears and anxiety?

Despite my fears, I was very keen to get on with my treatment, so lots of research, reassurances from the team and numbing injections!

8. What was your first impression about Contident when you finally met us in live?

Lovely location in Budapest, nice professional team. The clinic itself was beautiful. The waiting area was beautifully decorated and very pleasant . The surgery was a bright airy room with lots of windows,  spotlessly clean and with top class,  state of the art facilities.

9. How did it change through your stay? (the impression)

Though initially scared, as time went on I felt reassured and was able to relax knowing I was in good hands. One of the things that impressed us, was that the staff were very knowledgeable and professional, this make things much easier.

10. What is your opinion about your hungarian dentist and the facilities of the surgery?

Dr Virag was awesome and I was very impressed with the whole team and all the facilities. He was extremely competent, highly experienced and I didn’t felt any pain at all.

11. What would be your message to those who are planning to start their dental treatment at Budapest?

There is no better place to go for the price, lovely location and a great trustworthy team.

12. Were you satisfied enough with the services beside your treatment?

Yes, Lorand and his son Adam were very helpful regarding our stay, with the hotel, restaurant recommendations etc and Lorand was at the end of the phone if we had any queries whatsoever. 

13. How did you spend your free time in Budapest?

Cafes, restaurants, sights, river cruise was great, synagogue, cathedral, food market and in bed resting! The best Goulash!! 

14. If you have to decide right now, would you still choose our company the Contident?

100000000% yes!

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