Metal free Zirconia crowns ( Cad/Cam restoration) cost in UK vs Budapest,Hungary

Metal free Zirconia crowns ( Cad/Cam restoration) cost in UK vs Budapest,Hungary

Zirconia crowns cost in Budapest vs UK and Western Europe.

The average person today not only wants teeth that are healthy but also teeth that look great. Unfortunately, the average person may not naturally have teeth that are straight. The good news is that with cosmetic dentistry, anyone can have a beautiful smile. One of the great achievements for dentistry is the metal free zirconia crown with help of Cad/Cam dental technology.

Cad/Cam Zirocina crowns cost in Budapest

Many people in Britain and Western countries want great teeth but haven’t been able to afford the cost of dental procedures. The high prices may make them think that this is an unachievable goal. However, dental tourism is a great option. Hungary was one of the first countries in the European Union to begin this practice.

In Britain, the zirconia crowns cost £800-900 pounds while the zirconia crowns cost in Budapest, Hungary,( the same quality Cad/Cam restoration) is about a third of the price. Of course, many people want to know how there can be such a huge difference in price. Is the quality worse? Is the technology up to date? Are the doctors capable?

The asnwer: No! No! No!

The difference in price- the reason

Hungarian dentists use the same high quality material as other dentists and their technology meets the highest standards in the world. Additionally, Hungarian dentists receive the best dental training at the Hungarian Medical University. The price difference is primarily due to living standards. The cost of living is much higher in the United Kingdom but Hungary has lower costs and also lower dental prices.

Dental materials are sold in Hungary for a much lower price than the UK. This is why a metal free zirconia crown can be the same quality but cost only a third of the price. This type of crowns which( how we wrote earlier) are make with the latest Cad/Cam dental technology may only cost £295-350 while it would be significantly higher anywhere else in the world. Thousands of people from the UK will travel to Hungary to take advantage of dental tourism. Thanks to their travels, they can enjoy a beautiful smile.

 after zirconia crowns cost in Budapest

Here is the case of Steve from London, for example.

In the UK, he received a treatment plan for 8 lower and 8 upper metal free zirconium crowns at a local dentist. The price was £780 / piece, i.e. 16x £780 = £ 12480 in total.

As it was very expensive for him, he kept looking for the other solutions. He already wanted a nice smile, but he had to wait longer than he thought  beacuse of Covid. Finally, now in February, he has decided to take the journey. With the help of the internet, he found the possibility of dental tourism in Hungary and found our clinic in the heart of Budapest. He contacted us for  a treatment plan and our colleague sent back every detail within 2 hours.

The price

The price for 8 lower and 8 upper metal free zirconium crowns was £295 / piece i.e. 16x £295 = £4720. It was more than twice as cheaper as in the UK.

The price included, crowns, treatment, free mouth cleaning and free airport transfer. No hidden extras!

Plus the price included the escort we provided throughout your stay in Budapest. So technically Steve had a full time guide during his presence.

From many of England’s major cities (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol), planes depart for Budapest several times a day and arrive in 2-2.5 hours for only £90-150 (often even cheaper).

So Steve did  bought the plane ticket and booked himself a hotel with our help. The price of the accommodation was £70 / night, at a 4 stars hotel, ie 6x £70 = £420. The hotel is only a 3-5 minute walk from our clinic. Beautiful setting for a relaxing walk.

In addition, he said he spent around £ 400-500 on meals and entertainment during his stay in Budapest.

So Steve’s total cost in Budapest was £4720 + £180 + £420 + £500 = £ 5820.


So what he saved: £12480 (UK quotation) –£5820 (total Budapest spending) = £6660
Steve saved that much money while getting a perfectly looking and working smile while spending a super 6 days in Budapest (the full dental treatment was completed in just 5 working days).

Steve’s story is just one of many, many success stories. A multitude of patients set off from the UK to Budapest every week, even during these challenging periods, and return home satisfied and smiling.

We provide the 2019-2020 prices in 2022, to thank our patients that they choose dental tourism in COVID times. Just contact us if you want to check how much would be in your case the zirconia crowns cost in Budapest at our clinic. The Consultation is totally Free for you!

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