You might be asking yourself if it’s a good idea to replace amalgam fillings with composite material. With regular brushing twice a day, and your visit to the dentist for a cleaning, cavities can still happen. Who is between the age of 25 to 45 years and have fillings, they probably got amalgam.

The amalgam is mainly used for the filling of large cavities, most commonly used for the back of the teeth. As unsightly as these fillings tend to be, there is no specific evidence that amalgam fillings need to be replaced. There are (in fact), plenty of reasons why you would want to have them removed for composite-based filling material instead.

before replace amalgam fillings

• These filling become loose

Anyone who has amalgam filling may feel or experience clicking or snapping of their old fillings. This happens when amalgam fillings are old and start to become loose where they are filling an old cavity. It’s space for bacteria to get in between your old filling and tooth and causes infection coming with new cavity.

Because amalgam can’t completely bond with your teeth, the composite filling has a physical bond that is much stronger. This makes them less likely to crack over the years and can reduce tooth sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. Patients who have amalgam fillings will notice this is a common problem for experiencing repeated tooth sensitivity.

• Allergic reaction problems- for this reason it’s a good idea to replace amalgam fillings

One of the problems with amalgam fillings is primarily their composition. We make most of the material from tin and mercury silver. This can create allergic reactions ranging from redness and itchiness inside your mouth to symptoms of eczema in some cases. To relieve these problems, it would be best to replace your fillings with composite material to relieve these issues.

• Aesthetic appeal

Many people with amalgam filling have become self-conscious over the appearance of their metal fillings. The sight of these is and has always been a sure sign that you’ve had dental work done. With composite fillings, the color can match to your tooth shade and are virtually undetectable even up close. This allows you to have more confidence when speaking and laughing around others.

• Long-lasting material

While you could say amalgam filling and composite are long-lasting, the replacement of amalgam is purely a matter of choice. The composite material does last more than 10 years but is much easier to replace than amalgam. Depending on the type of work that was done prior for teeth with amalgam fillings, using composite material might improve tooth performance and less likelihood of cracked teeth later.

after replace amalgam fillings with composite ones


If you’ve been experiencing any of these problems with your amalgam fillings, it’s time to consider replacing with composite material. The process is a lot easier than you might have previously thought additionally. Our dental specialists at our clinic in Budapest can provide solutions for problematic fillings on your next trip to Hungary. Just contact us and ask a free consultation! We are always ready to give you a perfect smile!

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