How to Strengthen Teeth: Top Tips for Dental Health

How to Strengthen Teeth: Top Tips for Dental Health

How to strengthen teeth


You already know about minerals like calcium and phosphate.
They are responsible for making tooth enamel, along with bones and dentin.

More importantly, these strong minerals prevent tooth decay and keep cavities from forming. As you get older, it’s very common that these minerals start to break down. This is why your tooth enamel becomes weaker.

Now, this is often from eating too many sugary foods or ingredients that have high acidity. You probably didn’t know this can also occur if there are too many bacteria in your mouth likewise. But once that enamel wears away and the bone in the tooth breaks down, it is impossible to restore the tooth to its healthy state.

The next step after this is either to replace the tooth completely with a false tooth. All is not lost at this point, as there are still preventative steps you can take to fix your teeth with simple home remedies and lifestyle changes. This can actually prevent tooth decay and replenish the minerals that are lost.

This is a natural process that is called remineralization. This can be done with simple tricks that your dentist can recommend. By switching to this method, the demineralization that is slowly destroying your teeth can be halted instantly.

how to strenghten teeth

A few tricks that ensure the success of rebuilding new enamel.

  • The simple act of brushing your teeth not only removes bacteria, but it prevents bacteria from multiplying. Cavities are the first thing that starts to form from bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. This will begin to create cavities that are called dental caries. Removing these bacteria immediately reduces the chance of cavities getting a foothold on your teeth.
  • We’ve all seen toothpaste that contains fluoride, and is primarily recommended to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride has a beneficial effect on teeth and makes them stronger. Therefore, they are less prone to mineral loss with daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste.
  • It is a terrible thought to cut out sugar from your diet. But: sadly sugar is more acidic than you’ve been led to think. Sugar is also the primary cause of bacteria growth in the mouth. Bacteria multiply faster when they are fed sugar. Even eating small amounts of sugar regularly can do more harm than you think.
  • Switching to chewing sugar-free gum can make an incredible difference. While this debate has been studied for decades now, dentists firmly believe there is proof that chewing sugar-free gum can promote tooth remineralization -naturally.
  • Try not to consume so many natural fruit juices to stop the erosion of tooth enamel. The acids in fruit juices start to attack tooth enamel through a process that’s called calcium chelation. This strips away the enamel of your teeth. This is because the fruit acids are binding to the calcium as soon as it touches your teeth.

The other downside is that fruit juices are filled with natural sugars that are highly acidic. It’s recommended that you enjoy fruit juice and fresh fruits occasionally.

More tips how to strengthen teeth:

  • Add more calcium to your diet through vitamins and calcium-rich food. It’s been known for decades that milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium. But certain veggies including dark and leafy greens contain high levels of calcium too. This can help boost your body to help your teeth build back stronger enamel.

Supplements are also just as easy to take if you have dairy allergies or an aversion to eating veggies. Your dentist can make some suggestions on which supplements are best for your teeth.

  • There is always the consideration of taking probiotics for better oral health. These have been known to help with remineralization. Probiotics also help greatly to prevent gum disease and gingivitis.
  • Reduce more enamel loss by keeping your mouth properly hydrated. Drinking water can help your mouth to produce saliva. If you have dry mouth issues, it also affects your teeth and gums. Saliva acts as a natural prevention for cavities since there are antibodies that attack and destroy bacteria on your teeth.

And More tips :

  • Eat less food that contains starch and starchy ingredients. This includes potatoes and rice, but also popular items including bread. These are also loaded with too many carbohydrates that will increase the fermentation of sugars in your mouth. In the end, this only adds to the erosion of your teeth.
  • Always try to drink plenty of water. Water is the perfect choice for hydrating your body and is recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and dentists. Since water is typically sugar-free it’s been the most natural beverage to stay healthy and hydrated. It also helps to remove toxins from your body. That is flushed out with a steady amount of drinking water each day.

Even if you don’t have a toothbrush handy after eating, wash your mouth out with ordinary water. This will help remove the sugars and acids from attacking your teeth. This is most likely why you see so many restaurants serving water next to a beverage at your table.


It’s not hard to use these tips to get great results at remineralization and improve your tooth enamel in a short period. It also doesn’t hurt to consult your dentist to find out more information. You can use these to restore lost enamel. You can’t get back teeth that were lost from tooth loss. But you can easily prevent the rest of what you do have just by using these simple tooth-strengthening tips.

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