E-Cigarettes and Dental Health

E-Cigarettes and Dental Health

E Cigarettes and Dental Health! Are e-cigarettes safe? The people who use them might say they are, but dentists and dental researchers would argue otherwise.

Why? Because they take a toll on teeth and gums that’s just now being uncovered. It has to do with the bacteria in the mouth of e-cigarette users, the oral composition of which is very similar to that of smokers. And smoking is notorious for promoting gum disease.

Why does that matter, specifically? Because the bacteria of both smokers and vapers includes three specific types of unhealthy bacteria, Fusobacterium, Leptotrichia and Saccaribacteria, in greater amounts.

Fusobacterium especially is known to promote gum disease, along with Bacteriodales, which also fall into the same category. Both were especially abundant in the mouths of e-cigarette users, which puts their teeth and gums at risk, both immediately and over time.

All of this should be disturbing to e-cigarette users, and it should sound an alarm in the vaping industry. Evidence is growing that e-cigarettes are more dangerous , especially when it comes to good dental health.

Success story about E-Cigarettes and Dental Health !

That’s why for example one of our patient, Mahmood D. from U.K. , stopped to use cigarettes and e-cigarettes after he got the smile makeover treatment at our clinic.

He got 12 pieces of metal free zirconia crowns ( 6 upper and 6 lower) . After treatment he saw the difference between how he’s smile was when he smoked, and he decieded, no more smoking. Plus he saved £5460 at our clinic. He was quoted £9000 in the UK for treatment ( 12 pieces) and paid £3540 here at Contident . The treatment was completed in 5 workdays.

If you are interested to get dental treatment for a low price in Budapest, just contact us ! The consultation is Free for you!

Check our patient before and after treatment pictures:

e-cigarettes and dental health. Before zirconia crowns .

e-cigarettes and dental health. After zirconia crowns

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