Can You Bleach A Tooth That Has Had A Root Canal?

Can You Bleach A Tooth That Has Had A Root Canal?

The short answer for root canal bleaching is yes. You can whiten a tooth following a root canal. It’s understandable why you may want to whiten your teeth following a root canal. The procedure leaves behind an oral residue.

Teeth Bleaching After a Root Canal Surgery

root canal bleaching

Dentists will advise you to wait for a while before bleaching a tooth that’s had a root canal. The waiting period can be anywhere between one and five months. The reason is that having the tooth whitened too early after the root canal surgery can interfere with the healing process.

Why Tooth Blackens After Root Canal

Root canal treatment uses materials that can leave the tooth discolored. The filling materials leave a residue and stain after breaking down hemoglobin, and it may be a source of personal discomfort when people notice.

Then, of course, dentists may often go on to remove an infected dental pulp during the procedure. The pulp is full of blood vessels – these can quickly rupture in the process and cause the affected tooth to stain.

Dental cosmetics perform root canal bleaching in Hungary to make blackened teeth lighter after the filling. These are experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in dental beautification. They use internal bleaching procedures that preserve the integrity of the repaired canal, giving you back a pretty smile.

Root Canal Whitening Explained

Dentists who focus on caring for the soft tissues inside a tooth are called endodontists, and they are better placed to address your root canal whitening needs.  The procedure involves accessing the repaired root canal and whitening the affected tooth from within. In most cases, it is advisable to do root canal bleaching in the same clinic where you have had the root canal procedure.

Can You Use Teeth Whitening Products for Root Canal?

No. They are not effective. The black stains or discoloring following a root canal procedure is not on the surface. Teeth whitening products are typically just made for the stains that affect the enamel. When it comes to the root canal procedures, the stains are from within.

Thus, the bleaching process is a little different. Specialists use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth during normal tooth bleaching, but this technique often proves ineffective for root canal discoloration. That’s why you need internal or endodontic bleaching. It works from within to remove stains that are beneath the surface of the enamel.

What Happens during the treatment ?

Our dentists do an X-ray of the affected tooth. They ensure the root canal is working okay and that you have fully recovered before initiating bleaching.

During bleaching, our dentists will give you a sedative so you don’t feel pain. It’s a local anesthesia. They will make a small hole in the affected tooth through which they will clean and rinse away the stain, sometimes using a safe bleaching ingredient. They will then disinfect the area and seal it. In the final step, they will use a small amount of the common dental bleach sodium perborate to whiten the surface of the tooth.

Root Canal Teeth Whitening in Hungary

Our cosmetic dentists use best practices and evidence-based internal cleaning and whitening measures. You can do this procedure shortly after the root canal surgery, but we advise you to wait one or two months. After that, we can help restore the initial beauty of the affected tooth.

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