Can I get infection under a veneer?

Can I get infection under a veneer?

infection under veneer

We all know that veneers are a great way to improve our smile. In some cases, they can also be used to cover tooth defects if the tooth is chipped or discolored. But like any other medical procedure, sometimes things go wrong. If your dentist has put a veneer on your tooth and you start experiencing pain or sensitivity, do the next. You must get it checked out immediately. That said, there are many reasons why an infection might occur under a veneer. Due to incorrect placement or poor oral hygiene habits. Here are some steps that you can take:

You have bad oral hygiene- maybe the most common thing to get somebody infection under veneer

The first reason for this is that you might have bad oral hygiene. The first thing to do is to brush and floss your teeth properly. It would help if you also were using mouthwash regularly. But do not use too much as it can irritate the gum over time.

The second reason is that you may grind your teeth while you sleep at night. Because of this, infection under the shell occurs more often than usual. This can be fixed by consulting a dentist who can advise on a better sleep position. Or you can get custom-fitted mouth guards, which will protect against teeth grinding during sleep.

Your veneer was not put in correctly. Another thing why somebody can get an infection under veneer

If you went without anesthesia during this process and felt pain, the dentist should have used an ultrasonic scaler instead of a hand tool.

Your gums have receded from the veneers.

If your gums have receded from the veneer, you may need another procedure to fix it. This is because gum disease can cause gums to recede from teeth and even cause teeth to become loose. If this happens, bacteria will likely get under the veneer and causes an infection. Gum disease also causes pain when you eat and bad breath.

If you have any concerns about getting an infection under your veneer, talk with your dentist about what precautions need to be taken for them to safely remove the damaged tooth material without damaging any nearby structures such as nerves or blood vessels.

A dentist can help you find out if an infection is at play when you have a toothache.

If you have a toothache, it is important to know whether or not an infection causes pain. A dentist can help determine if an infection is at play when you experience pain in your mouth. There are several places in which an infection can manifest:

  • The gum tissue surrounding the teeth
  • The root of the tooth
  • The bone surrounding the tooth
  • The nerve of a tooth


We hope that the information provided in this blog post has helped you better understand what can cause an infection under your veneer. If you are experiencing an infection or have any questions, please talk to your dentist.

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