Can Dental crowns fix overbite?

Can Dental crowns fix overbite?

An overbite refers to the overextension of your top front teeth over your bottom set of teeth. It is when your front teeth cover most of the lower teeth each time you bite normally.

This condition is due to a number of factors. For instance, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and genetics impact an overbite. Fortunately, early intervention can help address this issue. Braces and other orthodontic techniques are effective in regaining the normal alignment of your teeth.

In addition, a dental crown can also help alter and improve the anatomy of your teeth. Crowns that are shaped in a certain way help cover flaws in the alignment. Thus, these can improve your smile and regain your confidence without invasive and long-term treatments.

To determine if crowns are a suitable option for your overbite concerns, it is best to contact a specialist to assess your condition. This will also guide you best in making the right decision for your concern without compromising your health and paying a hefty price for the type of smile you want.

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