Can crowns fix underbite ?

Can crowns fix underbite ?

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. But this is just not the case with some people.

For instance, there are those who worry about their underbite. This is a dental condition in which your bottom teeth extend farther outward than the top, front teeth. As a result, this Class III malocclusion leads to an appearance resembling that of a bulldog’s dental structure.

The issue with an underbite may either be teeth- or jaw-related. Fortunately, the protruding jaw or Class III underbite can be addressed. Thus, you can improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem at the same time.

How to Fix an Underbite

1. Braces are the primary choice of many people who suffer from underbite issues. The wires, brackets, and elastics used throughout the treatment process help correct the teeth over time. There are also ceramic braces nowadays that offer cosmetic benefits for those who prefer less noticeable braces or wires on their teeth when they smile.

2. Another viable solution to an underbite is a dental crown. A cosmetic dentist uses crowns on your teeth to fix an underbite and align your teeth . Thus, you do not have to wear braces just to improve your dental alignment.

Keep in mind that the best treatment option depends on your unique case. It is important to seek advice from a cosmetic dental specialist to achieve the best results for your underbite treatment.

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