Should Old Dental Crowns Be Replaced?

Should Old Dental Crowns Be Replaced?

For people who have a fracture or decay on their tooth, this can lead to further damages and deterioration over time. Hence, to prevent this serious issue in the future, dental crowns serve as a means of preserving the tooth to prolong its lifespan and enhance its appearance. Learn more about crowns, the average length of time they last, and why it is important to replace old dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

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In the long run, decay in your tooth can eventually cause further damage that may lead to tooth loss. Once you lose your tooth, this can result to other concerns since you there will be no more tooth to hold the others in place. This means, shifting can occur, and spaces that form will make it easy for debris from food to get stuck. Eventually, not being able to clean the teeth properly further progress to other problems that may be difficult – and expensive – to correct in the future.


Dental crowns serve as a cap to damaged and misshapen teeth, so the aesthetic appearance can be restored. Moreover, discolored teeth can be improved with the help of dental crowns as these can make them appear like the rest of your original teeth. So, you will no longer feel awkward or embarrassed to smile and open your mout because of the cosmetic benefits you get from crowns.


It is also worth noting that once you go through dental implantation or root canal treatment, there is a need to have a custom-fitted crown for your tooth. With this in mind, a crown’s benefit is not limited to its aesthetic or cosmetic purposes alone. It is also a necessity with those who are getting dental implants.


There are some people who tend to grind their teeth whether consciously or unconsciously, as well as individuals who clench their jaws as a habit each time they sleep. When this issue remains unaddressed, you are at risk of suffering from cracks or fractures in the enamel of your teeth. As a result, you may be required to wear dental crowns just to improve the appearance and quality of your damaged or misshapen teeth caused by this nighttime habit.


Replacement for Old Dental Crowns


There are different materials used in making dental crowns. Metal is the most common one, which is very durable and can last for a long time. Other materials include gold, as well as various alloy combinations such as palladium, chromium and nickel. For the sturdiest material for dental crowns, the best option is gold, which can often last for more than 60 years.


Another option is porcelain, and it is possible to fuse it to metal just to allow the material to fuse well and blend with the surrounding teeth. In fact, porcelain crowns can be matched with the actual color of your original teeth, and you can count on their sturdiness just like metal. The idea is there are materials that will match the color and texture of your existing teeth, which you can expect to have a longer lifespan.


Keep in mind that dental crowns are likely to chip over time due to wear and tear. When this issue occurs, the seal of the crown over the tooth must be kept intact, and this will require replacement. This is the reason why it is important to contact a dentist for further evaluation. In some instances, buffing the crown can help fix the chip, and there are also cases when replacement is the only way to solve the problem. It is up to the evaluation and diagnosis of the dentist that will determine the best action to take in your particular case.


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