Implant Impression in Dentistry

Implant Impression in Dentistry

Implant impression in dentistry

Dental implantation includes certain processes that ensure you of a positive outcome after the entire procedure is done. For instance, it includes implant impression. This is a means of transferring the implant’s position in the affected jaw and onto the plaster model.  After this process is done, the plaster model is used as a guide in making the right artificial tooth. Basically, there are two techniques included in the process such as the repositioning and pick up technique. implant impression in dentistry

IMPLANT IMPRESSION IN DENTISTRY- Facts about Pickup and Repositioning Techniques

According to dental specialists, the pick up technique is the more preferred one because of its greater accuracy. The only limitation is the fact that it is a laborious method dentists will have to go through. In the case of a patient who has undergone implantation, specifically one who has been in an accident. Commonly, the anterior teeth may be knocked out. Including parts of the jawbone too.

If the patient does not want to have the jawbone’s lost piece reconstructed, then it is most likely that part of the problem was the depth of the smile line. After the stitches are removed and before the impression is taken, it is necessary to remove the temporary denture. Then, you will be able to see the gingival formers, which are the gum formers.

Pickup  technique

In the pickup technique, the impression posts are positioned on the implants.  And these are screwed securely using the wax-up screw to make it fit perfectly.  The impression posts’ fit must be monitored well since any flaws in the fit will result to a faulty crown.  This can lead to serious problems over time.

Once the impression tray has been customized, the next step involves the cutting of the opening intended for the wax-up screw. This is mainly cut into a tray. Since it needs to be loosened eventually from the implant after the impressional material hardens. It is necessary to be done to separate the tray from the implant. What’s more, the material is spread evenly around the posts using a nozzle. This ensures the secure adhesion of the posts to the impression.

If the impression material has hardened, the wax screw must be loosened from the implant. The posts and impression are both removed from the mouth of the person. However, with the pickup technique, the post stays in the tray without handling it .  And this is not the case with the repositioning technique.

Understanding Further the Two Techniques

With the repositioning technique, the implant is securely anchored into the jawbone. Because  the post stays in the mouth of the patient after the loosening of the impression, it is not a requirement to customize the tray. The post only needs to be unscrewed from the dental implant.  Once the impression tray is removed, and it is repositioned into the tray afterwards. The only issue is the possibility of a warped impression. This occurs due to the frequent handling of the impression tray. This makes it susceptible to flaws.

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