Emax Veneers Step by Step Guide – What You Can Expect?

Emax Veneers Step by Step Guide – What You Can Expect?

Veneers help enhance your smile and overall appearance. If you are looking to invest in Emax veneers, it may be worth finding out more about the procedure involved. Here, we explain the steps during the dental treatment process and what to expect along the way.

Consultation Stage

The first step you need to take is a consultation with your dentist. At this point, you will have to undergo a thorough dental examination including X-rays and impressions of your teeth and gums. These will help your dentist determine whether your teeth are ideal for Emax veneers or not. While you may assume that simply because you have crooked teeth or gaps in your teeth, you already qualify for this type of treatment, this is not always the case. In fact, some patients are advised to undergo orthodontic care that will improve the alignment of their teeth. This is applicable for those who have significantly misaligned or crooked teeth, which veneers will not be able to address perfectly.

It is also during consultation that you may ask your dentist questions regarding the length of the process, proper care for Emax veneers, price range, and follow up visits. As long as you have questions on your mind, you should present all of these to your dentist for clarifications. You may even request your dentist to show you samples of previous patients’ before and after photos, so you will have a clearer idea of the possible outcomes once your treatment is over.

For the most part, the initial appointment with your dentist involves dental checkups, impressions, and a presentation of all your concerns or questions about the procedure.

Re-Shaping the Teeth

Once you have decided to go through the procedure, then you may come back for a second appointment with your dentist for the re-shaping of your teeth. The best thing about Emax veneers is that these are made from much stronger porcelain, as compared to regular veneers. This is why there is less remodeling needed and you no longer have to wear a temporary veneer, with the latter because of the fact that no invasive drilling is necessary.

Once a second impression of your teeth is taken, the Emax veneers are ready to be created according to what fits your teeth. With the remarkable durability and thinness of the material, only some minor reshaping is required. This is only for the sake of ensuring the right size of your teeth once the veneers are placed over them.

Since Emax veneers involve specialized techniques, technicians are responsible for maintaining the strict standards of the veneers. It will take between 7 and 10 days for the veneers to be read, so these can be fitted over your teeth.

Fitting and Follow-Up Visits

The Emax veneers are positioned accurately over the teeth during the cementing phase. However, the dentist will not bond the veneers permanently since there is no room for mistakes throughout the fitting process. While your dentist hold the veneers temporarily in place, you will be asked about your opinions of their quality before they are bonded to the enamel.

Each Emax veneer is placed one by one with the help of strong dental cement. There are also some dental clinics that make use of a curing light that speeds up the bonding process. The moment every veneer is set securely, it may be necessary for the edges to be smoothed or the front part to be polished.

A few weeks after the fitting and bonding of your Emax veneers, you will need to visit your dentist again to check for sensitivity of the teeth, proper bonding of the veneers, and the overall condition of your teeth. You may also take this opportunity to ask for proper care tips for your Emax veneers and other things that will prolong their great appearance and quality.

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