E-Max Veneers and Zirconia Veneers – Best Choice?

E-Max Veneers and Zirconia Veneers – Best Choice?

For people who are concerned about the appearance and quality of their teeth, there are a few options to consider in improving the overall look of their smile. Here, we look into the two common types of materials for dental veneers to choose from. Discover more about the features of each, so you can decide which option is suitable to your condition and needs.


E-Max Veneers and Zirconia Veneers

If you are looking to have dental veneers, you may probably be wondering which material to use for tis application. Among the two popular choices available are zirconia and E-max, and there are certain differences between these in terms of features, appearance and benefits. Let us look into the unique qualities of each as presented below.



A type of ceramic material, zirconia oxide is used for making full or partial crowns. To give your teeth a natural appearance, you can select from a number of shades that will best match the color of your original teeth. This way, you will feel more confident about flashing your smile since no one can tell if you are wearing crowns or not.


However, it is worth noting that the stain or shade of zirconia tends to wear off over time. This means, as time passes, the appearance of this material will not remain as it was during day one. Nevertheless, you can expect it to last a long time since the most distinct quality of this material is its unbeatable strength. Hence, porcelain finish is commonly combined with zirconia to make it more durable while appearing natural at the same time.



As for E-max, otherwise known as Lithium Silicate, it has some distinct features although it is also a type of ceramic just like zirconia. However, this material is not often used to make a partial crown or a core, although it may be utilized in making a full crown while adding some more porcelain finish as necessary.


In terms of appearance, E-max is has a more translucent quality, as compared to most zirconia. This is why there is no need to stain this material as it provides a more natural appearance to your teeth. Just keep in mind, though, that the choice between these two materials still depends on the crown’s location in your mouth. For instance, if there is a darker tooth located underneath, zirconia is a better option as it does not allow more light to enter.


Which One Should You Choose?

If strength is the basis of your choice, you will realize that both of these materials are highly durable. Generally, zirconia is a stronger material, as compared to lithium silicate, although its strength becomes less upon adding a porcelain cap.

As for choosing which material to use for your veneers, if you prefer a material that has better light transmission, translucency, and outstanding aesthetics, then E-max is the choice for you. The fact that it allows more light gives your veneers a more natural appeal. Thus, your dental veneers will look just like your natural teeth and give you a quick boost of confidence that you have always wanted.

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