Dental Implant or Bridge – Which Is The Better Option?

Dental Implant or Bridge – Which Is The Better Option?

Are you concerned about having a missing tooth? Aside from experiencing the discomfort in chewing your food or speaking, not having a complete set of teeth can negatively impact your confidence level. You may find it awkward to smile or even laugh for the fear of being ridiculed by others. What’s more, missing a tooth can cause misalignment or shifts as there is no solid structure to keep the other teeth in place.

Best Solution for a Missing Tooth


Fortunately, you do not have to settle with a missing tooth throughout your life since there are various options to address this problem. Although a dental bridge has been the cheapest and most preferred choice in the past, there is an even better and more permanent solution to your concerns. A dental implant is becoming more and more popular among those who have missing teeth since it is more convenient and easier to maintain than dental bridges.

For instance, an implant is a type of standalone dental treatment. This means, there are no adjacent teeth that need to be shaved or reduced in shape just to fit the brackets used in supporting the fixed bridge. Hence, your existing teeth are spared while allowing a solution to fill any gaps to prevent future misalignment problems. Keep in mind that once a tooth is shaved, this can lead to the weakening of the structure, which will end up to having more missing teeth in the long run.

With dental implants, a type of titanium material is placed securely into your gum, and this eventually becomes a stronger root of your tooth. This technique helps strengthen the bone as the material fuses and creates a bond used to support the prosthetic tooth crown. Most importantly, you will find it easier to clean and maintain a dental implant since it feels and looks just like a natural tooth. You can floss and brush normally to achieve excellent oral health.

Dental implants are indeed permanent solutions to your missing tooth. With dental bridge, the gum line tends to recede as bone loss occurs, which causes the metal portion of the bridge to appear. On the other hand, dental implants have durable aesthetics that stay in place for a longer period. So, you can expect to have that amazing smile and stronger pearly whites for a number of years. With all these things in mind, it is not surprising that more people choose dental implants over fixed bridges for greater benefits worth their investment.

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