Can veneers be filed down?

Can veneers be filed down?

Dental veneers are thin materials, usually porcelain, that are bonded to your reshaped teeth to enhance their appearance. The front part of your teeth are covered with veneers, so they will appear more attractive, particularly if there are issues such as discoloration, odd shape and size, as well as cracks. Check out this post to learn more about dental veneers, and if it is possible to file them down for refining or adjusting purposes.

Why Get Veneers ?


You are probably wondering – why do some people decide to get veneers. There are several reasons behind this. For instance, there may be issues with discoloration or staining, which cannot be resolved using a regular whitening treatment. Some individuals may not also be recommended to undergo whitening due to allergic reactions. Hence, veneers can give them pearly whites and perfectly shaped teeth. Veneers have very reasonable prices in Eastern European countries. What is for more for example dental treatment in Hungary is also very cheap but the service and the quality of their works is equal or even better than other southern countries.


In other cases, patients may be worried about their front teeth that are not aligned properly. A tooth that has rotated slightly can be fixed with the use of veneers. Instead of orthodontic treatment, patients can simply get porcelain veneers to repair minor issues with their teeth. However, those whose teeth are severely out of line should consider another option since alignment will require the use of dental appliances such as braces.


Another reason for getting veneers is for the reshaping of teeth that have been worn down. Acid erosion is the common cause of this problem, and by bonding veneers to your teeth, you will feel more confident about your smile. Lastly, if there are gaps that are found in between teeth, you can consider getting dental veneers for this issue. This way, no more debris from food will get in these gaps, which can eventually lead to decay and rotting.


Process Involved


If you think that veneers are for you, then you should consult a dentist who specializes in this type of dental treatment. Initially, you will need to get your teeth and gums checked to determine if you are a candidate for this process. Then, your dentist will select the right shade for your teeth.


Problem areas will be numbed with the use of a local anesthetic because your natural teeth are filed down and reshaped. At least 1 millimeter of your tooth’s front surface is filed, although the thickness still depends on your dentist’s evaluation of your teeth. Next, a mold is prepared to identify better the shape of your teeth that have been filed down.


Coverings will be placed on your teeth on a temporary basis, and these will be replaced by permanent veneers once these are ready. The treatment is complete after the veneers are bonded to your teeth, and your main task is to follow your dentist’s recommendations for proper care and maintenance. This way, your veneers will last for a long time.


If there is a need to adjust your veneers, they may be filed down, but it must only be minimal filing. After all, further filing may compromise the stability of your teeth. In addition, too much filing will result to weakening of the porcelain and possible chipping of the material over time.

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