Can I get dental implants if I am pregnant?

Can I get dental implants if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy, hormone levels fluctuate as you are supporting the life of another being inside your body. Moreover, there is an increased need for essential nutrients, which are necessary for you and your unborn child’s health. Your doctor will advise you to consume foods that are rich in nutrients such as folic acid and minerals, which promote proper development of your baby’s key organs. There is also a necessity to avoid situations that can jeopardize the safety of the fetus such as radiation or exposure to elements harmful to its growth and development.

Dental Implants and Pregnancy

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Pregnant women who are missing a tooth may be looking into options to have it replaced. While there are numerous options available, it is best to study the pros and cons of all these choices. Dental bridges and dentures are common tooth replacement options, mainly because these are cheaper and do not involve an intricate procedure.


However, there are some drawbacks that come with these, such as in the case of dental bridges. For instance, your dentist will need to have neighboring teeth grinded and shaped just to allow the crown to fit in. If your original teeth are in excellent condition, having their shape altered is not a good thing to do since this will eventually affect their quality and strength.

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As for dentures, debris from food you eat tend to get stuck in between your teeth and the denture. If you do not clean your teeth well, accumulation of debris can result to cavities and decay. As a result, you may be at risk of losing more teeth when you fail to perform proper maintenance techniques. In addition, keeping your dentures clean is time-consuming since you need to remove them each time you brush your teeth. The frequent removal of dentures may even cause your teeth to shift over time, although this may happen gradually.


Considering the limitations of these tooth replacement options, many people take into account another possibility of fixing the issue on missing a tooth. Dental implantation is a potential solution, yet for pregnant women, it may be worth looking at any risks involved with it. After all, you also need to think about the safety of your baby since you are also carrying another living being inside your body.


Is Dental Implantation Safe for Pregnant Women?


There is a great concern on the use anesthesia during the surgical procedure, which is an important part of dental implantation. With the advancement in technology, there are anesthetics that are considered as safe and harmless for the fetus, but you need to inform your dentist immediately about your condition before undergoing the procedure. This should be done at the time you book for an appointment, so the staff will be certain of the medication to administer on you. Aside from the anesthetics, exposure to radiation due to x-rays may be a concern. However, there is only minimal radiation from this process, which should not be detrimental to your baby.


Overall, the different procedures involved with dental implantation are generally safe for pregnant women. Yet, it is still advisable to wait a few months after giving birth in case you want your missing tooth replaced. By doing so, you will not be exposed to any source of anxieties that can impact you and your child.


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