Can I Change for Veneers Having Already the Crowns?

Can I Change for Veneers Having Already the Crowns?

Everyone knows how veneers can improve the quality and appearance of your smile. In fact, the difference is quite visible, that people will instantly notice the improvement after you get veneers. This is the reason why those who are unhappy or embarrassed about their teeth consider the idea of getting veneers to regain their confidence in themselves. With amazing looking teeth, you will no longer have any reservations about smiling or opening your mouth in public because of your much improved pearly whites.

However, so many people are wondering – is it still necessary to get veneers even if you already have crowns? Supposing, you are not satisfied with your crowns after getting them, and now you are looking to change for veneers. Is this possible? Read along as we explore on this topic, so you are better guided on your decision.




When your teeth are oddly-shaped or discolored, or perhaps just plain unattractive, one way to quickly improve their appearance is by getting a dental crown. This solution to improving one’s teeth requires a few procedures involving shaping the teeth and placing the crown on top of the tooth. To put it simply, a crown encases the whole tooth after having it reshaped to make sure the dental crown fits in it.


Your dentist will prepare your tooth by reducing it in shape and size, which becomes ready for having the crown cemented on it. Hence, the tooth will have an improved shape, size, color and overall appearance. The amount of tooth to be reduced varies, and it will be about 2 millimeters, unless further trimming may be needed.




Porcelain veneers are very thin, which is about 1 millimeters in thickness. There are instances when it is even thinner, thus making it very much different than a dental crown. Since veneers are wafer-thin, this requires less trimming of the tooth before placing veneers. In addition, there is no need to trim the back portion of the tooth. Some cases do not even need any reduction of the original tooth, although this depends on the patient’s case.


With this in mind, veneers are placed on the surface of the tooth without having to grind down the whole thing. The structure of your tooth is not compromised, and this involves a less traumatic process for both the patient and the tooth, unlike what is done when getting dental crowns.


Can You Get Veneers After Having Crowns?


Now, as for the question whether it is fine to switch to veneers after having dental crowns, this largely depends on your particular situation. You have to factor in the amount of time and money involved in getting a crown, which you want to now change into veneers. However, it is true that in the field of cosmetic dentistry, solutions are limitless.


Upon consultation with the dentist, several factors will be taken into account including the amount of tooth surface left, any pain or discomfort experienced by the patient, and infections present. Replacement may be done after treating the tooth and affected nerves before the veneers are placed. This is an intricate process, but it is not impossible to get veneers. If you choose to get your dental treatment in Hungary for example or other Central-European countries you can be sure that you will get the best quality on a much more fair price.


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