Can a dental implant be placed at the same visit as the teeth are extracted?

Can a dental implant be placed at the same visit as the teeth are extracted?

Once there is no more reason for you to save your tooth, there is nothing else to do but to have it extracted. In this case, you will have to prepare yourself for the fact that there is a need to have it replaced sooner. After all, not having any tooth to hold the rest of your remaining ones can result to some problems eventually. For instance, shifting may occur, which can mess up the alignment of your teeth. This is the reason why people end up having overbite or underbite, as well a crooked teeth, which can affect the way they look. Also, chewing can be difficult, and this can impact digestion, among other things.

Tooth Extraction and Dental Implants


Upon having your tooth extracted, your next concern is to have it replaced. The question is – what method or technique should you do to replace that missing tooth. One common option, though, is dental implantation, which offers a more permanent solution to this issue. It is only a matter of knowing how long you need to wait before going through this procedure.

Fortunately, there are some cases when dental implantation can be done immediately after having the tooth pulled out. There are instances, however, when you need to wait for a few weeks or months prior to undergoing implantation since a healing period should take place first. It is up to your dentist’s analysis of your particular case, which can determine if you can get dental implants immediately, or if it is necessary to wait and allow the affected area to heal completely.

Factors to Consider in Immediate Dental Implant Placement

There are some aspects to keep in mind when it comes to having dental implants performed right after tooth extraction. The following are some of these factors to take into account:

1. Infection

It is important that the area where the tooth was taken out is free from gum disease, inflammation, or other types of infection. For patients who are suffering from these conditions, it is recommended to give some time for these conditions to be resolved before implantation takes place. The treatment period depends on how your body reacts to the procedure, so there is no reason to rush it when the area is still inflamed.

2. Density of Your Bones

If there is no good amount of bones that can support implants, this procedure is not advisable to be done. It is also the case with bone deterioration, which means you will first need to go through bone grafting or healing to help stabilize the implants.

Benefits of Having Dental Implantation Performed Immediately

The main advantage of immediate placement of dental implants is the fact that it saves you from going through hours of spending time at the dentist’s office. The treatment period also does not take too long, which means less stress for you. Right after removing the tooth, your dentist can already position a temporary crown on the affected area.

Drawbacks to Consider

On the other hand, having the process done immediately can be risky when an infection is present. It is advisable to treat any infections first to prevent complications. The period for healing can go from 3 to 6 months, and it still depends on how long it takes for you to regenerate a healthier and denser bone.

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