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Budapest earned the nickname “the city of baths” for a reason. There are nearly 100 medicinal springs all over, or rather under, the area; Hungarians are great believers in the positive powers of thermal bathing indeed. Learn more about health and recreation in Budapest.

The Roman times (2nd century) saw the establishment of the first baths, but it was during the period of Turkish occupation in the 16th-17th century that the true bathing culture developed. The four remaining Turkish baths (Császár, Király, Rác and Rudas) are real masterpieces of the Ottoman architecture, with wonderful octagonal pools, cupolas and colored glass windows – adding a bit of Oriental atmosphere to the city.


Széchenyi bath


The Széchenyi is a public bath common for men and women from the beginning. It was renovated in 1999 last time. The outside thermal pools are opened all over the year, even when it is snowing. There are 3 big pools outside, a lot more inside and a steam sauna inside as well. Total number of pools: 18.


Address: 14. district Budapest, Állatkerti körút 11.
Tel.: +36 1 363 3210, +36 1 363 3210.
Open: every day 6:00-22:00.
Entrance: 3100 HUF ~ 12 EUR (weekdays) and 3650 HUF ~ 14 EUR (weekends). Massage from 2900 HUF. This bath is common for men and women, swimming dress is compulsory.

Gellért bath


The Gellért bath is in the building of Hotel Gellért, at Buda side, very close to the Liberty bridge.A lovely art nouveau-style building, constructed in 1918, houses the thermal spa, which features the famous Hungarian art nouveau Zsolnay tiles, statues, and decorative elements. Recently, the spa underwent renovations based on the original plans, including the installation of Zsolnay coverings. The thermal bath and sauna area segregates men and women, with an exception on Sundays when both areas are open to everyone, creating an ideal environment for families. Visitors to the thermal bath area must obtain a swimming dress or apron at the entrance, which is provided free of charge. Wearing these garments is mandatory within the thermal bath area. This thermal spa is highly popular, known for its pleasant atmosphere, elegance, and cleanliness.
The outdoor section, which includes the swimming pools and garden, is open annually from May 1st to September 30th.There are special nights in August, when you can go musical night swimming.
Total number of pools: 13.
You can go there by bus 7, 173 and by tram 47, 49, 18.


Address: 11. district Budapest, Kelenhegyi ut 4.
Tel.: +36 1 466 6166, +36 1 466 6166.
Open: 6:00-20:00.
Entrance: 3900 HUF ~ 14 EUR (weekdays) and 4050 HUF ~ 15 EUR (weekends). Massage from 2800 HUF.

Rudas bath


The place of Rudas bath was a popular health and recreation thermal bath in the medieval times. The Turkish building over this thermal spring was built around 1560 by S. Mustapha pasha. The original Turkish interior is restored. It was used as a military hospital during World War II. The Rudas is not common for men and women (Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri for men only), common (family days) only at the weekends. In the thermal spa area you have to wear swimming dress or apron that you can get at the entrance. After you finish your bath, you can get a towel for free. But at weekends you have to bring swimming dress and towel also. During weekdays, you don’t need to bring anything with you as the thermal spa provides towels and aprons. This makes it the most convenient thermal spa in Budapest.
Total number of pools: 7.
It is at the Buda side of the Elizabeth bridge, on the bus line 7.


Address: 1. district Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.
Tel.: +36 1 356 1010, +36 1 356 1010
Open: Mon-Fri 6:00-20:00, night bathing only at Fri, Sat 22:00-04:00.
Entrance: 2520 HUF ~ 9 EUR (weekdays) and 2900 HUF ~ 11 EUR (weekends), there is a repay system: if you finish within 3 hours, as it is calculated by the entrance card, repay 400 HUF at the entrance. Entrance for night bath is 3300 HUF ~ 13 EUR, there is no repay system at night bath. Massage from 2900 HUF.
Men days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Women days: Tuesday
Family days: Saturday, Sunday

Király bath


Király bath is built in 1565 by Turkish S. Mustapha pasha. They built this health and recreation bath close to the Buda castle, because they needed a place where they could wash during siege. The Kiraly bath has not got its own thermal water, it is fed from the Lukács bath. It was damaged during the WW II. and it was renovated in 1950.The thermal spa suffered damage during World War II and underwent renovation in 1950. Today its more known as a gay thermal bath, almost only gays and lesbians visit. Király baths: We do not recommend you to try this bath. It is obligatory to wear swimming suit.
Total number of pools: 4.
It is at the Buda side of the Margaret bridge (tram 4 and 6), close to the Batthiányi sq. M2 (red line) metro stop.


Address: 2. district Budapest, Fő u. 84.
Tel.: +36 1 202 3680
Open: 8:00-20:00. Monday, Wednesday only for women. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday only for men.
Entrance: 2200 HUF ~ 8 EUR. Massage from 2800 HUF.

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