can porcelain zirconia crowns stain from smoking?

can porcelain zirconia crowns stain from smoking?

Zirconia crowns are resistant to stain. In fact, they are much better at staying perfectly flawless unlike acrylic or ceramic crowns. Porcelain crowns look good and give you a natural-looking appearance each time you smile. This is why if what you look for is longevity and great quality for your smile, zirconia crowns are your best bet.

It is impressive to know that zirconia can resist stains caused by smoking tobacco or drinking coffee. You may have to adjust the crown color over time. After all, the color tends to change with age or due to a minor stain. This is such an easy process, and you can always get it back to a lighter shade without any problem at all. This is the beauty of zirconia crowns. Not only are they stain-resistant but you can expect them to last for a long time.

So, if longevity matters to you, a viable and practical option is this type of crown. You can never go wrong with it in terms of a longer life span and better aesthetics.

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