This act of kindness shocked me I couldn’t believe that a cop would go above and beyond for my family.” LATEST STORIES Mechanicville City School District preparing for possibility of … I was scanning for enemy fire when I spotted a bright object that looked as if it were coming straight at us. Stuart Edge, another YouTube prankster, gave shoppers a merry Christmas by presenting them with red "secret Santa" envelopes, stuffed with handwritten notes, gift cards, and one hundred dollar bills. The final woman in the video cried so hard the cashier went around the counter and gave her a hug. Driving home in a blizzard, I noticed a vehicle trailing close behind me. He's the only resident in Lansing who has a key to the fire department in hand.". Jennifer Garcia-Esquivel, San Benito, Texas. “But I didn’t think that tire looked good.” –Marilyn Attebery, Spokane Valley, Washington. – Sheela Mayes, Olla, Louisiana. “Let’s just say I needed the exercise,” he said. Turning Fear Into True Compassion. That's when the woman stopped her and offered her the old, dirty boots she had been wearing. Tumminello, who has a mental disability, eats all of his meals at the fire station, and he spends all of his free time there, as well. Lowe’s Goes All Out for Boy w/ Autism Who Loves the Store – Crowning the 4-Year-old an ‘Honorary Associate’ – Stacy Lee, Columbia, Maryland. I pulled the card out of the envelope, and $100 dropped out—just enough to get me through the remainder of my trip. That was six years ago, and that young husband and father has been employed ever since. I took her up on the offer and never forgot the simple kindness of a stranger. – Jamie Boleyn, Emmett, Idaho. When my grandson Max told his mother, Andrea, to donate any check she would give him for his 21st birthday, Andrea got an idea. Amazingly, they interrupted their vacation to help us. My next stop was way, way up this long and winding and, to me, very treacherous road. I began to remove items from the bags, ... Jim and the Job. CBD Oil for Cats: What Is It and Is It Safe? “I’ll deliver the books for you,” she said. Many of these stories end with the hope that you pay it forward, and help someone in need. I was balancing caring for a toddler and working a full-time job, all while my Navy husband was on extended duty overseas. It seems that the department gets as much out of it as Tumminello does. The next morning, Jim went to the union office and submitted his retirement paperwork. Last December, before work, I stopped at a deli and ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese. I’d pulled over onto the side of a New Mexico road and was suffering a panic attack when a minivan full of kids pulled over. When he refused to take it, Eric cried and gave him a big hug. In a unified chorus, they wished Max, “Happy birthday!” At a pizza parlor, Andrea left $50 and told the owners to feed the hungry. One day he found that he had only one dime left, and he was hungry. When they spotted a homeless man, Andrea told him, “Today is my son Max’s 21st birthday, and he asked me to give a gift to someone to help him celebrate.” She handed the man a $10 bill and an apple. This 1954 essay on humanity is more relevant now than ever. Westerman explained to Today, "Our goal is that people see this video and go out and be nice to people. ", Aaron Collins passed away just three weeks after his 30th birthday, but he left a legacy that has touched thousands of people. But then, tragedy struck. “I was going to get off two miles back,” he said. She guided me not only to the right freeway but all the way to the correct freeway exit. The reaction of one homeless man showed him how generous a person — even with little means — can be. It was my neighbor, a retired chief petty officer, holding a breadboard loaded with a freshly cooked chicken and vegetable stew. He always wished to have loads and loads of money and never hesitated to cheat on others to make money. I feel so tremendously happy and grateful right now. Here are 10 life-changing acts of kindness you can do right now. and laughed, as he pointed at the "Welcome Home" sign affixed to the wall. It was that of the elderly mom. We never did find out who it was who left the groceries for us, but they truly saved our lives. Kindness Starts With One. Well, turns out the “missile” was a flare we had just dropped. In one tent, according to Trudeau, was Harry L. Benbow, a Confederate officer captured at Five Fork… “I’m about to go off shift. Another blew him a kiss and said, "I love you!" She was a local, and the roads were nothing for her. Then she took out 21 $10 bills from the bank and bought 21 apples at the supermarket. "It took us both back a little bit thinking, my gosh, his devotion is that strong that he still comes when he can't make it to the bench even," Ebert told CBS. “My mother is in the hospital with cancer. I saw a dress in a consignment shop that I knew my granddaughter would love. As for his replacement, he gave them the name of the young man. I explained my situation. I got 2 hours of sleep last night, on top of my... Offering Food To Neighbors. Some intuition, be it divine or otherwise, says this is why you're here — to help one another.". Her mother, Mimi, is a retired police officer, as well. Doubling down on their selfless act, the manager refused to take their money. According to the Jamesburg Police Department, Raji leaned over to her mom and said that she insisted on buying his dinner. Lewis added that one of the women they helped that day later contacted them and shared that she had asked God for a sign because she was going through a rough time. Raji greeted Quinn and then asked her mom to pay for his food. But when a young woman … A resident in his building named Kinzie offered to supply food, groceries and essentials to anyone unable to leave their home. Acts of kindness can be as generous as buying a homeless man a house or as small as waving and smiling at a high school student as they walk to school. We recommend our users to update the browser. One woman offered to pay for the next person's groceries. She knelt down before him and retied his flopping shoelaces—she had only just learned to tie her own. “But even if I could call my wife,” I said, “she can’t bring me her car key, since this is our only car.” He handed me his cell phone. 10 life-changing acts of kindness you can do right now, 10 little compliments to people every day, 21 acts of kindness that changed these people’s lives, 8 acts of kindness that turned into good karma, story of how this generous man let a stranger borrow his car. When I was seven, my family drove to the Grand Canyon. I pulled off the road, and so did the other car. White Shoulders was the one gift I could count on at Christmas from my late mother. I repaid him the only way I knew how: I ran up to him and gave him my sandwich. Brian Miller is a magician, speaker, and author of personal success book Three New People: Make the Most of Your Daily Interactions and Stop Missing Amazing Opportunities. When the two men arrived at Eric's new house, and Rahat told him it was his, Eric clapped, cried, repeated, "Oh my God!" Kindness often costs very little, yet its value is immense. Afterward, the police department did a little detective work to find out who had paid for Quinn's dinner and discovered it was Raji. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer). After feeling tired and sick, Gossage was diagnosed with leukemia. And then he gave us ice cream in return and that is my story i hope you like it. The best part is: They came from YOU. He explained that he did it to help Zac "feel like he's not the only one without any hair. Children’s stories about kindness 10 Min Stories, Age 7-12, All Fairy Tales, Dogs, Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales, Gardens, Japanese Fairy Tales, Japanese Stories The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees to Flower An old man loves his dog, who brings him tragic heartache and good luck. Showing Compassion to the Sick. She’d been homeless for three years, she said, and had it not been for the kindness of strangers, she would not have been able to survive. Shirts, sweatshirts, gloves, scarves, etc. She handed Max’s brother Charlie a video camera. But all was not lost for me. “Missile! When Riceman returned, he told the homeless man about the experiment and asked him why he chose to hold up the missing person's sign rather than continuing to ask for money. A teenager riding his bike saw me kick a tire and say a few choice words. Her mom told News 12, New Jersey, ""[Mikayla] looks up to [police officers]. “Sergeant Hunter,” he said, “you keep calling them like you see them. She demanded that I do something else with that money. I’m a middle school teacher and didn’t know how I could face kids. The man pulled my blanket from his jacket pocket and handed it to her. Landlord won’t collect rent to help his tenants during the Coronavirus crisis. When my friend and I were injured in a car accident, a family from out of state stopped to help. She gets a kick out of it. One evening, the doorbell rang. Riceman went up, gave the man some change, and told him that his brother was missing and to let him know if he saw him. Even though the treatments exhausted him, Gossage continued going to school. Hearing the panic in my voice, she came up with a plan B: “You’re near this office,” she said. Stories Of Kindness That Will Make You Cry. While going through a divorce, my mother fretted over her new worries: no income, the same bills, and no way to afford groceries. There’s no shortage of reasons to be stressed and afraid nowadays, but there are spots of hope worth savoring, too. My neighbor, Jim, had trouble deciding if he wanted to retire from the construction field, until he ran into a younger man he’d worked with previously. A woman at our yard sale wore a perfume that smelled heavenly and familiar. The students' art teacher, Charlotte Hood-Tanner, told ABC News, "She's lived in the community forever. 15 Stories of Random Acts of Kindness That Will Inspire You to Pass It On Reader's Digest Editors Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 A poignant Twitter conversation … The man was standing on the corner, holding up a sign reading "U.S. Vet in need, please help." In January 2006, a fire destroyed a family’s home. Within days, the video was viewed over one million times, and thirty thousand dollars had been donated to continue the cause, now known as "Aaron's Last Wish. She wrote on her Facebook post, "I had everything in that bag that she needed. She knows they put their lives on the line for us.". – Michelle Arnold, Santee, California. Knowing it would probably be his only warm meal of the day, I gave him the bagel. Take-home message: Kindness has no limits and no restrictions. My heart was so touched. The Jamesburg Police Department paid it forward by inviting Raji to lead the Memorial Day Parade and set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for her education. It was the best meal I’d had in months. I’ve been in and out of the hospital a lot ever since with … One evening, I left a restaurant just ahead of a woman assisting her elderly mom. “This is a true story that happened to my friend Rekha... As she … Tony Tumminello first visited Fire Station One in Lansing, Michigan in 1953, when he was 13 years old, striking up a conversation with the local firefighters. When his brother Seth fulfilled his wish, giving a waitress a $500 tip at Puccini's, in Lexington, Kentucky, he recorded a video and put it on YouTube. Shop and save on gifts for everyone on your list. They also shared a video of thanks that they had made for her. And I've never had somebody do what you just did back there. You could see the shock and happiness in the shoppers' eyes as they realized that this stranger just paid for their groceries. Posts about Stories of Kindness written by Morgane Michael. As I left a party, I got on the wrong freeway and was immediately lost. Next, check out these 50 random acts of kindness that don’t cost a cent. Lauren Hunter told Reader’s Digest about the time a flight attendant comforted her when she was traveling from New York… What is it to be kind? I was four months pregnant with our first child when our baby’s heart stopped beating. In this age of isolation, I had a very positive experience on Nov. 25. I went this morning, and she got mad at me for spending my money on more flowers. That act of kindness will forever warm my heart because the boy is my grandson. No words were spoken, but after she finished, both smiled shyly, then turned to race off in different directions. Suddenly, my tire blew! But money was tight, so I asked the store owner if she could hold it for me. He was so touched, he said, "My knees about buckled on me. He then returned to his motorcycle. I was devastated. That proved difficult in the winter, when the walkway in the park was often slick with ice and snow. "It's really special," one firefighter told CBS. Acts of kindness can be as generous as buying a homeless man a house or as small as waving and smiling at a high school student as they walk to school. Kindness stories from around the world. “I promised myself that I would repay the kindness so many had shown me.” She paid for the dress, and the only payment she would accept in return was a heartfelt hug. “It’s been six months since I totaled my car. The two men began going to the park and shoveling the walkway daily, even though no one would be walking on it other than Caldwell. “May I buy the dress for you?” asked another customer. We chatted awhile, and she bought some things and left. “Happy birthday, Max!” they shouted. A classmate from his school who had a birthday around then asked her parents if she could give all her gifts to the boy. – Patricia Fordney, Corvallis, Oregon. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. "I love it," she said, "And they seem to like it also. World Kindness Day: 12 amazing stories of kindness that will warm your heart. Social Sharing Everyone, regardless of their means, can give back to others. Ward told him, "I'm going to be telling this story for the rest of my life. In that fire were all the belongings of a six-year-old boy, including his Christmas presents. In a third video, Eric used a thousand dollars of his own money to get a homeless man a motel room, in a true act of paying it forward. She tried to connect me to the California Highway Patrol, but that call never went through. I approached the curb and paused to see if my arthritic knees could climb it. Then, like a cowboy in the movies, he rode off into the sunset. Don’t miss these 21 acts of kindness that changed these people’s lives. That someone was Jimmy. Being polite? Take a look at these incredible photos of heartwarming moments. Butterfield responded, "A beautiful thing. That’s when I noticed the unopened farewell card my neighbor had shoved in my hand as I left. STORIES OF KINDNESS This page is devoted to the KINDNESS stories we have collected over the years and want to share with our readers. Her boots. Then I laid out what had happened: I was delivering books for a publishing company. ", In the video, Collins gave the waitress, Sarah Ward, the $500 tip, explaining that his brother had just passed away and that giving a $500 tip was his final wish.