As polyamides, Nylon 6 & 66, whilst having their own separate and distinct benefits, do share many of the same core properties: High mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness. It exhibits excellent chemical resistance and producers highly value it for its overall chemical stability. There are two basic polyethylene UV resistant forms: [ 1] UV stabilized HDPE (high density polyethylene) UV stabilized UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) Sometimes a UV absorbing material pigment like carbon black is added to the resin, These are common in outdoor tanks because the carbon additive helps UV stabilize the tank. 100+ £70.308 More Pricing... CABLE TIE & EDGE CLIP, 8.0" LONG, EC5A, 1 3 MM PANEL, 50LB, PA66UV/PA66HIRHSUV, BLACK, 100/PKG 75Y4272. 10+ Nylon 6 has a better fatigue resistance than nylon 6,6, and this is important in applications such as tires, where the fiber is subjected to repeated stresses. £58.848 View in Order History. All prices are in USD. General Purpose Air Hose. £75.264 £33.12 £32.784 Nylon Properties . Additionally, some plastics contain UV absorbers and/or UV resistant cap layers to enhance their weatherability. 1+ Nylons tend to absorb moisture from their surroundings. Nylon is exceptionally strong, even stronger than polyester. 10+ £37.008 Other plastic products which failed included polypropylene mancabs used at roadworks which cracked after service of only a few months. HELLERMANNTYTON. £5.80 £ 5. £44.69 £75.264 £56.54 View Product. £30.56 £60.66 The addition of carbon black is a low cost and typically very effective way of … £78.14 £34.656 £44.40 5+ Typically these require pipe samples to be subjected to solar radiation, approximately equivalent to 12 or 24 months outdoor storage in temperate climates, without affecting their performance. Nylon. £33.6 25+ 10+ £34.032 £27.32 Because of this, a UV stabilizer is often added to the material before it is injection molded. Any rope that is exposed to the sun must be fortified to resist UV damage. £39.180 Prevention. More Pricing... Cable Tie, Q-Tie, Nylon 6.6 UV Resistant (Polyamide 6.6 UV Resistant), Black, 200 mm, 3.6 mm, 50 mm, CABLE TIE & EDGE CLIP, 8.0" LONG, EC20, 3-6 MM PANEL, 50LB, PA66UV/PA66HIRHSUV, BLACK, 100/PKG 75Y4273. Krylon K01305 Artist and Clear Coating UV-Resistant Clear Gloss, 11 Ounce (6 Pack) 4.9 out of 5 stars 60. £48.41 £30.684 Tests to confirm the pipe's resistance to UV light are included in many national and international standards. Copely - Products - UV Resistant. Nylon fasteners are definitely not recommended for use in or around water. £25.57 Polyester - Excellent Kevlar - Traditionally, this is not a rope with UV resistance. Find UV resistant nylon, polyester, and kevlar ropes at Quality Nylon Rope. £42.71 3+ Prices shown are standard retail prices, orders placed will have contract pricing applied when processed. Material. 2. £70.64 Copyright 2019 Quality Nylon Rope. 1+ £229.55 Price For 3+ £210.06 Price For Qty Buy Pack of 1000 1+ £229.55 3+ £210.06. £40.692 This productivity enhancing new grade exhibits 30-50% flow improvement over existing impact modified Ultramid® offerings. This item has been restricted for purchase by your company's administrator. Gravity Feed Hose. 3+ Download and save a certificate for this product, complete with your unique customer details. Description; Properties; Product characteristics. Pack of 100 1+ £28.00 £33.6 15+ £20.60 £24.72. 1+ £34.40 View Product. £40.53 It is a weather resistant grade, enduring additional ultraviolet (UV) light. 10+ Compressor Hose Assembly. Testing pipe's resistance to UV. Contract pricing display is unavailable at the moment. £32.65 £310.82 So, now you know you need a UV resistant rope for your next outdoor project, but what kind of rope is that exactly? 50+ There is also the fact that most fluoropolymers do not have the light absorbing chromophore impurities in their structure that can act … Feature. Cable ties resistant to UV radiation. In order to maintain the integrity of your rope and to ensure that it will function as desired, make sure that is UV resistant.You will need this UV resistant rope for all outdoor activities, particularly boating and construction activities. The ability of a plastic to resist color fading is based upon a number of factors including the UV stability of the base polymer and the UV stability of the pigment. Sanitation Hose. This means that not all thermoplastic sheeting is suitable to be used outdoors, as they can change in appearance, warp, change colour or cracks may appear. £51.252 Please un-tick some of the selected items to continue. 25+ Disadvantages: Reduction in tensile strength, elongation at break, notched izod impact strength and … Bisoctrizole: A benzotriazole-phenol based UV absorber used to protect polymers. Go to product list. 100+ £44.556 £113.724 £45.02 Rigid Polyurethane . £94.284 All Rights Reserved. For utility and sporting applications, polyester is the clear-cut, cost-benefit winner. £47.33 Cable Tie, Q-Tie, Nylon 6.6 UV Resistant (Polyamide 6.6 UV Resistant), Black, 300 mm, 7.7 mm, 70 mm. £56.796 100+ But did you know that your rope needs protection from the sun too? UV Stabilized nylon cable ties are available only in black. PTFE has particularly good UV resistance because it has the very strong carbon-fluorine (C-F) bond (almost 30% higher than the carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bond), which is the common side bond that surrounds the carbon (C-C) backbone in the helix and protects it. UV Resistance: Nylon 6/6 is not UV resistant. Although to be fair to plastics, it attacks, to a greater or lesser extent, most other materials as well. More Pricing... 1+ It finds most of its uses in packaging, food containers, laboratory equipment, water pipes, and anywhere that heat, chemical, or electrical resistance is necessary. Certain plastics such as acrylic, Ultem®, PVDF, and PTFE are inherently UV stable. 3+ Perfect for outdoor use, even in the most demanding conditions. £72.792 £67.848 Only 9 left in stock. 50+ Strength. £28.00 Download Printable. £39.04 50+ A major factor for UV resistance is the bulk or thickness of the material: the thicker the material, the more UV resistant it is because less UV will penetrate through to the centre of the material. Nylon (all types) Unpigmented resins will degrade upon exposure to sunlight evidenced by discoloration and embrittlement. £85.21 £56.53 £45.348 *At standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa). £65.268 £62.72 Please select the products(s) you wish to buy. £84.816 £77.736 £84.768 10+ £52.116 £346.51 £50.664 This means stocking up on the SPF and using rope with excellent UV resistance. Wire Reinforced. 5+ Email: First Name : By providing us with your email address you are granting us permission to send you occasional marketing emails. £44.712 £37.26 £51.91 The majority of nylons tend to be semi-crystalline and are generally very tough materials with good thermal and chemical resistance. More Pricing... 1+ 100+ The tubing is manufactured from a flexible, plasticised, high viscosity extrusion grade of PA12 nylon, which is impact modified and heat & UV stabilised. £42.22 £37.2 As synthetic materials, nylon and polyester are both stronger than natural fiber ropes. Please enter a valid quantity, CABLE TIE & EDGE CLIP, 8.0" LONG, EC5B, 1 3 MM PANEL, 50LB, PA66UV/PA66HIRHSUV, BLACK, 100/PKG 75Y4259. £46.67 10+ £42.228 Cable Tie, Q-Tie, Nylon 6.6 UV Resistant (Polyamide 6.6 UV Resistant), Black, 300 mm, 7.7 mm, 70 mm, 1+ VAT Qty: Add to Basket. For all of your outdoor activities this summer, it is crucial to remember to use a quality rope with UV resistance. £304.41 25+ £58.59 £60.66 25+ More Pricing... 1+ 50+ Select from either a PDF or printable HTML format. £298.00 £64.78 Polymer Type: Thermoplastic. £462.024 You previously purchased this product. Multiples of 1 only These vary considerably from material to material. Nylon and polyester are both UV resistant, abrasion resistant, wear resistant, and rot resistant. £37.392 5+ Formulations containing carbon black particles provide the best UV stability. 3+ £59.69 £39.744 (3 Types That Work Great). 10+ £43.43 £37.79 Category Application. £67.836 This grade is produced by incorporating stabilizers in the nylon resin. 3+ Impact Modified Ultraviolet UV Ultramid Nylon 66 PA66 - BASF Corporation Ultramid® A3Z HP UV is a high impact modified, UV stabilized grade of nylon 66 (Polyamide 66) that has significantly improved flow properties. Therefore, by using UV absorbing additives, degradation can be minimized. £357.6 More Pricing... CABLE TIE & EDGE CLIP, 8.0" LONG, EC4A, 1 3 MM PANEL, 50LB, PA66UV/PA66HIRHSUV, BLACK, 100/PKG. Good fatigue resistance. £415.812 Buy. By providing this information you are consenting to receiving emails from the Premier Farnell group, however you may opt out at any time. You have been added to our email list, = Nylon 6.6 UV Resistant (Polyamide 6.6 UV Resistant), 3 business days delivery for in stock items, Nylon 6.6 UV Resistant (Polyamide 6.6 UV Resistant). It is a crystalline polymer based plastic, which makes it strong and durable, but also limits it to darker colors. 25+ Nylon is a thermoplastic and a silky material. £90.780 FREE Delivery. Please enter a valid quantity for the highlighted quantity field(s). £30.84 £33.91 The UV resistance of materials may be determined by outdoor or laboratory testing methods. £53.628 £63.168 £70.64 80. 3+ It doesn't stretch of shrink, and is a crisp, resilient f… £58.092 Price per pack of 100: 0.4800 Excl. £87.804 £53.28 5+ Krylon K01309 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol, 11-Ounce, UV-Resistant Matte 4.6 out of 5 stars 668. Nylon and polyester are both abrasion resistant and resistant to damage from most chemicals. £78.57 £52.692 5+ Keep in mind that not all ropes are UV resistant and that some are stronger than others. Polypropylene is degraded when exposed to heat or UV radiation. £78.57 Resistance. £93.768 £62.72 3+ 5+ 100+ UV resistance of plastics is usually achieved by the use of additives such as UV stabilisers, black colouration (typically using carbon black) or protective surface coatings (such as paint, or metallization). Nylon 6 fiber tends to shrink more in boiling water than similar types of nylon 6,6. £62.292 £70.32 £77.736 SUSUFAIRY Artificial Flowers Outdoor Decoration UV Resistant Fake Plastic Plants Outside Indoor Hanging Faux Greenery Shrubs Arrangement for Vase Porch Window Box Patio Wedding Home 4 Pack (White) 4.3 out of 5 stars 143. £46.848 It is commonly used in conjunction with push-in fittings , and as such the outside diameter is usually the most critical - Select the properties you would like to see added to the columns at the end of the table. 50+ Dimensional stability. £328.67 £48.636 All data for Unreinforced Nylon 6. Good sliding properties. £94.77 25+ The tubing conforms to the BS, SAE, & ISO standards below, and is suitable for use with air, oil and fuel. Chemical Charts. £28.88 £94.284 £29.60. £20.60 10+ £41.28 3+ They are a class of synthetic polymers, and it was the first successful synthetic polymer. Refine Products. £70.68 £31.16 £64.78 £84.768 £75.65 £32.04 In the summertime, we are constantly being reminded to wear sunscreen. £365.292 1+ Active principle of the ultraviolet absorption via a photochromic transition. £28.36 £385.02 Advantages: Good retention of mechanical properties after long term exposure to sunlight or UV radiation compared with unmodified polyamide 6. All applications of plastics which are used outdoors are therefore at risk, from roofing and window frames to vehicles. Nylon is also resistant to oil.Both are flammable — nylon melts then burns rapidly; polyester has a higher flammability temperature, but melts and burns at the same time. UV Resistant Plastic Sheets UV exposure is damaging to some plastics. £102.252 * When placed in sunlight over time the physical and mechanical properties of nylon fasteners will degrade. Thermoplastic polyurethane exhibits good weathering characteristics. 50+ 1+ Ultraviolet (UV) light is probably the most damaging environment for plastics. 25+ 15+ UV Stabilized Nylon 6/6 is used in continuous or extended exposure to outdoor use. £80.376 Privacy. £66.98 £71.628 The different types give a wide range of properties with specific gravity, melting point and moisture content tending to reduce as the nylon number increases. £394.404 Country/Region not listed?Visit our Export page, Review your cart for details on availability and shipping, When the Remember checkbox is selected we will save your latest filter preferences for future searches. Nylon is polymers with the amide functional group. More Pricing... CABLE TIE & EDGE CLIP, 8.0" LONG, EC4B, 1 3 MM PANEL, 50LB, PA66UV/PA66HIRHSUV, BLACK, 100/PKG. 50+ Use one or more of the select boxes below to narrow down our product range. 25+ £31.00 Cost. However, at Quality Nylon Rope, we cover our kevlar ropes in polyester; so, our kevlar ropes are also an excellent choice of UV resistant rope. £72.792 It is at the higher end of energy compared to visible light and is followed in energy by X-rays and the Gamma rays - see diagram. Manufactured from virgin Nylon 6.6 and compliant with MIL M20693B and UL94V-2. Manufactured From Nylon Polyamide 6/6; Resistant to external agents; Black UV resistant colour; Working Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C (Continuous or extended exposure to +105°C) Full description *Length & Width * Required Fields. Understanding the differences in UV resistance between polypropylene and polyester can help you decide the best yarn or thread for your application. 5+ Here’s why you need UV resistant rope, and which kinds of rope can withstand the sun: UV resistance may not be something you immediately think of, but it is a major requirement for a strong, quality rope for outdoor projects. View Product. Thank you. They also tend to be wrinkle-resistant, polyester more so. £56.004 £38.448