Oh, I see another possibility. Your email address will not be published. . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’ll post a comment policy some time tonight. Since the dawn of this hobby in the late seventies, it’s been well known that PCs are often horrible, despicable people. At the end of the day, no-one wants censorship, which means that there will always be art that teeters on the edge of what we find acceptable. What I was thinking is that it might be cool to see if red kryptonite Kara has some kind of morality. Too mainstream. Indeed. Link. Art is complex, even when it’s not trying to be. That’s player character morality in a nutshell. Although I’ve envied the card play that operates Torg and Deadlands (both in very different ways). All fiction, even when it satisfies the requirements of art, will not turn out to be suitable for everyone’s consumption, and if in some instance, the Church sees fit to forbid the faithful to read a work without permission, the author, if he is a Catholic, will be thankful that the … This is why I think we should teach people in high school the skills needed to understand art better. Most popular Most recent. Certainly not fictional conflicts. I can’t know. Further, it seems that you were triggered by my use of a word, and immediately went to it being a negative, whereas I was using it as a positive to accurately describe Carrier. That’s my feeling and it’s the same for any other fiction I involve myself with, passively (books, TV, movies) or actively (writing, RPGs). All posts. According to Gardner, morality is not an arbitrary social construct, but an eternal truth, taking on different forms but not essentially changing through the ages. It doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you. Jessica E. Black made Morality and Fiction public. I suppose I could use other terms to describe the same thing, but I think that it is impossible for me to express myself on this point without using terms that can be used in a wrongly-exclusionary way. We can also explore the idea that they aren’t evil at all, that sometimes normal people make bad choices. I figured out a way to do it in-game, but I have not been comfortable having him at the table since. I never did watch Sons of Anarchy, good to know I can safely skip it. The criteria by which one levels up / gains experience / improves abilities is easily changed by DM fiat and group agreement. I was a Palladium die-hard for a long time, though dallying with other games. Aatif Rashid September 5, 2020. The main point here: PCs, NPCs, they are fictional creations, but the morality within their stories shouldn’t be total garbage. Brian Weatherson. Trust no one (except your family), and so on. I also fully expect that Carrier did not take away the meaning that you gave, and I also fully expect that almost all readers would not take away the meaning that you gave. Glad you’re having fun in your games though. Morality, Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford (Paperback). I do that a lot, too. Further, I am stating that I do not understand the complaint when coming from an actual gamer. can be one good evidence that as long as someone believes in an idea, it can be possible. You’re more than welcome to complain about these things, after all, that’s how writers and publishers know what topics are going to be unpopular. Then it seems that this particular blog is not the place for me. I am not going to stop using real concepts – people familiar with the game vs people not familiar with the game – in the process of expressing myself in a reasonable fashion, on the off fear that someone might apply zero principle of charity and assume I’m being sarcastic, passive aggressive, or on the off fear that I might trigger someone by referring to concepts which in other contexts are used in a wrongly-exclusionary way. Precisely so they can get, or think about, the moral of a story–whether the moral was intended by the artist or not, but especially when it is. I get enough exposure to the sickest side of humanity when I accidentally read the top comment on a YouTube video or a political news item on Facebook; I don’t need to immerse myself in it recreationally. As long as its aim is for the goodness of the citizens, it can be a reality. You don’t need to apologize that hard, we’re cool. K… Maybe I’ll just refrain from posting here, considering that I don’t understand how I might have been out of line…. As young children, many of the books we would read would come with some sort of moral. All new items; Books; Journal articles; Manuscripts; Topics. I’ve been doing D&D (Pathfinder) lately for the cultural history of it, the prior familiarity of players. We just used other systems we liked better. I was also disappointed when half of my players said they wanted to make evil characters for a different campaign. Extract from 'The Contemporary Review', v. 60, 1891. Well, there’s not much the reader can do. Syntax; Advanced Search; New. You have to assume that I was being passive-aggressive or something. Christianity means more than adhering to a certain set of principles, more than observance of the law, as Jesus made quite clear in his dealings with the Pharisees. Some fictional beings are completely immortal (or very nearly so) in that they are immune to death by injury, disease and age. He isn’t a particularly unique character in that regard. And we don’t reject those claims in the story just because no such murder has ever taken place on Highway 95.