You have reached ultimate dreamland and have your own mini petting zoo at home! On time, friendly, genuinely happy to be with our dog, and constantly going above and beyond in all she does. It’s nice and simple to book your services using our online portal. We can come by 3-4 times a day for feeding, playtime and provide companionship. That is how we ensure our clients are able to provide a first class pet walking experience that meets their expectations.When you are looking for a professional dog walking and pet care service in Toronto, make sure to give us a call today. Commercial Dog Walker Permit . The City offers more than 65 off-leash areas for dogs to socialize and run free. Commercial Dog Walker Permits may be renewed in person or vial email by providing: • Completed Application for Commercial Dog Walker Permit • Agreement to Permit Conditions • Personal identification – verifying dog walker… They need several small meals a day and several potty breaks. Start here with us, as we strive to be the best dog walking company in Toronto downtown. Your dog will stay with one of our sitters in a family environment. We started Toronto Dog Walks from the ground up, one family member at a time. For all of our visits you will receive your pets journal letting you know how our visit went and our adventure out and about along with a picture of your pet…what’s better than your pet sending you a picture when you’re not around – Nothing!! Just because your leaving home; doesn’t mean your pet has to! That's why we provide dog walking services within a safe and healthy environment. One of the newest features at Soulmutts is our on site Dog … You can count on Dog Walking Toronto for that right fit for your special pet in Toronto! Toronto: 2.8 million people. Yes! Dog Walking Toronto is committed to making sure that you will always have a trustworthy and loving companion to care for you and your family. Yes! Not Like Any Pet Care App. Leighanne is so friendly and loving with my dog. Dog Walking Toronto ensures that our Toronto animal care professionals are a top notch team of professionals. On average 1 out of 100 join the team! We will ensure that your dog is thoroughly evaluated by a vet before being given a service. What if my dog … No such thing as too much information! Dog Walking, by their own peers for their superb skills, experience and dedication to dog walking and pet care in, That is how we ensure our clients are able to provide a first class pet walking experience that meets their expectations.When you are looking for a professional dog walking and pet care service in. It is a simple but very rewarding task to provide you peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving the best care possible. It takes a lot of effort for a team member to make it through our screening process just like when your dog is looking for the right spot to poop not just any spot will do! Toronto runner dinged a whopping $880 for jogging alone through an off-limits dog walking trail by Harriette Halepis for TRNTO Posted: April 17, 2020 A Leaside runner recently took to a local Facebook group to gain community feedback about an $880 ticket … Our foundation is built upon a team of highly trained and dedicated pet care professionals whose sole mission is to make sure your baby receives the best care possible. We know you live a busy lifestyle and we appreciate you don’t have time to co-ordinate pet care arrangements. Your four-legged pal is one of your family members – and we know that all too well. Don’t worry did your dog walker come, have I booked the dog walker, did I let them know to feed my cat, I have a meeting and can’t get home on lunch. North Toronto Dog Walker offers services to meet the individual needs of your four-legged friend: Adventure group walks are 2+ hours in length where your best bud will socialize, run and play with the … From a one person company, we grew to a small family business of dog walking … Leighanne is so friendly and loving with my dog. Dog walking in the city can get very busy. Servicing Etobicoke, Toronto & Mississauga. So long as your pup isn’t aggressive towards people, we encourage the use of muzzles to help keep your pup safe! Our dog walkers will be there to help you get your dog out of the house and walking safely and comfortably.Don't forget to check out our feature page to read more about some of the dogs we've been in love with! And just so safety is always top of mind, refresher training is completed every six months. Dog Walking & Pet Care Services in Toronto Structured for You. We have many ways that you can reach us at anytime so whether you prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a person, send a text message or prefer email contact we work with what works best for you. Period. We strive to keep our groups between 4-6 dogs per walk. We believe that a dog's health and well-being is as important as the health and well-being of a human. Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. offers High Energy Off Leash Outings, Dog Daycare & overnight Dog Boarding in Downtown Toronto. Collectively, we bring years of experience in animal care to this service, drawing from varied backgrounds in shelter care, commercial dog walking, commercial and in shelter dog … Certified, Insured & Bonded. Extremely helpful for those who have ever changing schedules! The City of Toronto limits the amount of dogs in a dog walker's group to a maximum of 6 dogs. I smile every time I read them. Many of the team have been with Toronto Dog Walking for multiple years, their in depth knowledge is unlike any others. We understand that you don't want to suffer from constant dog walks after a hard day’s work. When you call the Centre of Dog Walking Toronto, your pooch will be taken care of by people who understand your dog's needs. Renewals . I smile every time I read them. After each visit you will receive your pets journal and photo! For a limited time get 100% off your initial Quote and Dog Walking Assessment. Dog Walking services are available 7 days a week. Health Conscious Dog Walking. Not only do our dog walking professionals have years of experience, they also train other dog walkers and have lots of experience working with other pets as well. Gone are the days of wondering how your pet visit went. We are a team of dog care professionals, each with their own strong skill set and vision of what they want to accomplish. We’ve been leading the pack with one of a kind services since 2008! Love the online blog and articles as well.”, “I cannot recommend this dog care company highly enough – seriously. We only provide dog walking services. The mission of Dog Walking Toronto is to make sure your dog will be able to walk without a worry. Focusing on providing high quality pet services and customer comfort. If you’re a dog walker or pet sitter, keep the following in mind (and if you employ one, keep these tips in mind to help protect them and you as well): Limit face-to-face interactions with clients – try to do most … Dog Walkers, Pet Groomers, Pet Stores. answering calls or text messages that’s why we have a dedicated customer care standing by ready to help! Zen Dog Services. From the lock-box system (brilliant and convenient), to the fantastic online scheduling – things are set up and done right. (function(d, s, id) { Puppies get priority in our schedule to make sure they don’t have any accidents! Our pet care professionals are held to the highest standards in pet care. “I could not be more pleased with the service that I’ve received from this company. 45 minutes: $26.00. We are dog owners ourselves. Tell Us All About Your Furry Baby! If your dog needs some extra space or needs to work on leash manners, solo walks is ideal, if your dog is a social butterfly and group walks are available in your area then this is perfect for your pooch. I have such peace of mind now and appreciate this service so much! It’s not just about Life Saving Care, we learn how to read vital signs, toxins, wound care, know what needs immediate vet care, how to handle an injured pet and more. We will always do our best to make sure your dog is well taken care of. With hundreds of hours under their belt, our professional dog walkers know what your dog or pet needs to stay healthy. We are proud to say that all our pet care professionals are Hand Picked. Book anytime 24/7 – if you need regular services you can book an ongoing service so its one and done! As humans we need to teach our dogs a level of courtesy that's so important in a relationship. Dog Walking Toronto is not a rescue or shelter. – Bored, unexercised dogs – I see dog walkers … All of our team successfully complete Pet First Aid and CPR! Nope! According to the City of Toronto, all commercial dog walkers who walk from four to a maximum of six dogs in city parks must obtain a permit.