Actualmente es un necrófago atrapado en el Sierra Madre en 2281. All right, all right... but you already got company, so tell you what - I'll meet you at the Fountain. This place is... well, it's haunted. {Frowns, looking around}Don't even know how I ended up here... guess the casino still recognizes guests even after all this time, huh? {Beat}Anyway, front gate was open, no way I was letting {emph}you get in first. role Surprised these homes weren't robbed blind, folks leaving the key out like that. {Narration, slightly upbeat}So giving the Sierra Madre one last nod and a wink, he set off beyond the Cloud to begin again. Paris. {1st Time Switching Station: Mumbling to himself}Got a worse grease smell down here than Danny Parker's hair on Opening Night. {Frustrated, under his breath}Can't believe I left the apartment for this. This heist? I got used to it in small doses. I found one of your stashes. {Beat, changes tone to false confidence}I-I mean, not like I care. Fountain's the safest place. Cold feet? When in doubt, step quiet - and watch {emph}where you step. I'll save my questions for the end - please, go on. {Beat, grumbles}If only the Sierra Madre'd done the same. Sinclair was already puppy-eyed, so all I had to do was the introductions. Never mind, doesn't change anything. 11:41. As you make your way towards the bell tower, you will come across a lot of Ghost People and large areas with toxic clouds. Then the old man showed up. Nothing seemed to shake him. It's starting to make sense, now that I've met you. {Pretending to find the scene distasteful}There's a picture, a bunch of headless saps all waiting for the pearly gates. [FAILED] Trust you? If we're going there, I'm not going alone. Hope you've got this one under control because he's giving me a nasty itch on my trigger finger. Holotape recording, getting tenser. {Frowns}What, weren't you listening? Nice. {Sighs, irritated at being rebuffed}All right, then. {Switching Station}Like a toxic ashtray down here. Genuinely sorry at the end, realizes player could leave him out to dry. Just set up links to each floor, then use the lobby terminal? {Commenting about the toxic Cloud}Looks like we'll have to go through this pea soup. What makes you think you can slip out? Who bailed you out again, the new guy? I... {angered}ah, forget it. Enter The Tampico. {Like told to wait in a DMZ}Whoa, whoa, whoa... in the middle of town here? Okay, let me see if I can reactivate the Holograms. {Slow, then challenging, bravado}So... you think you have what it takes to beat {emph}me, on {emph}my stage, in {emph}my town? {Thinking}No, that I still had to figure out - still do. If you need some help with the security and speakers in the theater and in the dressing rooms, then look here. What, after your sweet-and-ruthless talk when we first met, now you care about my safety? Normally, there's only a few, maybe a pack. The Auto-Doc victim - what about her? Safely? I'm counting myself lucky I still have my faculties - they sure don't. Work. {Working on a computer, trying to shut it down}Hnh. {Frowns}That tourist crosses me, they'll regret it. Mainly because there is a photograph of Dean in Vera's changing room, which is the kinda thing someone does if they care for someone, having their photo close at hand. You better be his leash. "partner." Still, you dames are all the same - things get a little hot, you get cold feet. If you're here with who I think, then I'd rather have you on my side than his. I waited an entire lifetime! Okay... all right, you call up some of those Old World stiffs, that'd be an audience I wouldn't mind having below. I've been here longer than {emph}any of you tourists. Biography The joke's on you, "partners." Oh, it'll light up the casino, light up the sky... set the speakers in the Villa to play beautiful, soothing music. Eh... wait, so you're not just slow, you're screwy, too? [7] He is very paranoid, setting up many booby traps and hiding several 'secret stashes' throughout the Villa. {Reflecting}Christ - Madrid. {Smug}I'm not a betting man, I've come too far to leave it to chance. Then she can make some beautiful music. {Narration}Its sights, sounds... and casinos, ripe for the taking. I blame Sinclair... he was such a victim, that maybe she felt it would be too easy... it doesn't matter. Aggressive NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerHatedTopic01. Looting one of Dean's stashes. {Dean, noticeably scared, urges the player to get him out of the Hologram mess.}. {2nd Time, Clinic}Seriously, we should get out of here. Trust me - as soon as you can, run to the door to the {emph}left - use the key you got out of the music rag there, and camp out. {Nods}Those machines... Sinclair's little gifts, {to himself}lasted longer than he did. He was meant to perform when the bombs dropped. Still, are you getting any shred of your voice healed up, or...? You need me to strike up the sparking chords there. Sinclair must have known, though. {Mixing an explosive, slightly eager}Let me whip up a special cocktail... Don't be ridiculous - point that somewhere else, will you? It's why I've planted a mine field, shotguns, and explosives all the way on the road to my little boudoir here. So, yeah, run to the door on your right. We have. Nice name. {Dean Dead: Narration, a little wistful at the memory}Dean Domino, entertainer, singer... thief... had his last show on the Sierra Madre stage. All right, pal, you stay in your corner, I'll stay in mine. Really? Around here, that word doesn't come cheap. {Little wistful}Ghost in name and image. Guess I'll need to call security, have them show you the door. [FAILED] The hand's been dealt, {emph}that's the deal. Dead Money I'm not waiting here alone, trust me. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. {Frowns}At least this one seems like a straight shooter. Wait, hold on. Unless he's got a friend, no dice. {Normal tone}If you need food, stims... {slightly condescending}put in a chip, hold out your hand. Perfect, couldn't have worked out better. Lighting? So put your dancing shoes on - let's go. The song still exists in fragments in the Sierra Madre archives on each floor. Forget that walking stomach, not interested in being his lunch... just glad the girl's all right. {THEATER: Player has rescued Dean}Are you all right? Look, I'm in danger here, all right, not exactly thinking with a level head, so cut me some slack. That's irony for you. Take? Sierra Madre No, playing it smart. So... let's see... security's here because the show hasn't started. Mixed feelings about it. Speak the right phrase, in the right tone of voice, and it's open sesame. That's why I'm still alive. Some left signposts to others, trying to help them out - just led to them getting killed by someone a little more greedy than they were. Vera Hologram? Can't say I like it much. And here I thought she was trying to numb herself to the lights. Grab Vera's song writted by Dean and located on the table in front of the radio. Dean's alive during this "end credits" narration. So... no, I don't think you'll shut them off. . Fine, fine - don't want us both blowing up anyway. Have other people shown up in search of the Sierra Madre? I'm not walking out there on my own. {Narration}During his search, he came across the final records of Vera and Sinclair, and realized what happened the night the bombs fell. NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerLikedTopic05. He didn't need to know any of that, any of her history. Come on. You're taking orders from me. Up here. He has unique idle dialogue for locations around the, Dean's Hit Points regenerate slowly over time, similar to, When the player character is traveling with Dean, he is able to protect them briefly from concentrated effects of the, When crouching, he makes a similar comment as. I walk in... and... {THEATER: 1st Time, Hates player}How did you get from the Gala Event to here? {Taunt}You won't get out of here alive. {Irritated}You'd think it was Spring the way tourists keep rolling in. Or... {Frowns}guess Vera Keyes got lost along with the rest of the holo-archives when the bomb hit, huh? Behavior Like he was doing the residents a favor. Some things are better left in the past, "partner.". Dean is commenting on fireworks display in the sky, the Grand Opening of the Sierra Madre. eye color All right... even if they all end up dead, though, you say there's a way to recover the song from the Sierra Madre archives. {Slight exasperation, as if he's thought about this a lot, then tries to recall Hamlet quote}Friend... "there's more mysteries in heaven and earth..." wait, no, "there is more between heaven and earth..." oh, forget it. NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerLikedTopic02, NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerLikedTopic03, NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerLikedTopic04. I should be thankful, in a second, it'll give me another gift - with any luck, security'll leave enough of your ashes for an urn on my mantle. Thanks.>. Dean Domino was needed to get into the Sierra Madre, but now he cannot be trusted to keep his rotting hands off of Elijah's treasure. {Beat, cold, gets it}You rigged that terminal, didn't you. I hope you've got this one under control, because he's giving me a nasty itch on my trigger finger. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1997 CD release of Dominology on Discogs. As for getting it to the projection booth... Well... sometimes Vera used to watch from the projection booth, so she must have had a master key... look around her room, might be there. We can talk about that later, though, it's not important right now... you came for me, any sign of the others? {Slowly}And he's going to use the Gala Event... to open the casino? The Ghost People'll come out of the woodwork when the Gala Event starts blaring, and when they see me trapped up here? Not sure talking to me's going to make it any better. {Colder}Makes me think whatever you have to say isn't worth my time. At least the Sierra Madre gave me {emph}that. {Relieved to see a familiar face}You... partner, are you a sight for sore eyes. A few lifetimes ago. {Beat, realizes}That song... that stupid song of hers... no, that makes perfect sense. Rob the Sierra Madre, rip out its heart. I know you didn't do it out of the goodness of your heart. Boxing's not really my thing. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Still looking... although I'm all for following suit and leaving. confidence Best Fats Domino Songs: An Essential Top 20 Not only was he present at the birth of rock’n’roll, but his ability to straddle R&B and pop led to staggering success, hear the best Fats Domino songs. That audience... better lay low, get a feel for the crowd. For some reason, Sinclair... he built this place... she caught his eye. They're a little... uncivilized. It's safe. Dean is talking to himself in these lines. She might need to hold some place where speaking isn't important. Your negotiation skills assume you're bargaining from a position of strength. You're not the type. Thing is, when the recording queued up, a nice, calm, appreciative audience appeared in the Theater - no security with their head-blasting zap rays. Confusion, then uneasy sarcasm. {To himself, sarcastic}Ah, aren't the trees lovely this time of year, all blooming and green... . [FAILED] {Skeptical}Really? You'll wish you hadn't. {Malicious}You weren't on the guest list. You said you had a recording outside? Underneath the song, you are going to find Vera's master key, make sure to grab that one as well. But listen... {Frowns, warning}when this thing goes off, try and get into the Sierra Madre without me? So maybe you and I should have a little chat - just like we did when you first waltzed into town. Forget Sinclair. perks Like stage tech? There's Electric Hot Plates around if you can't find a campfire to mix it at. You wouldn't. {Beat}Poor him. Let's get out of here. I'll follow you, I'm not going alone, trust me. So as long as I make sure I don't run for the exit... {Uneasy}What... what now? Sometimes I forget where they are. Wait, you were trying to smuggle one inside? While she was still out cold, he dragged her to the Villa's clinic and placed her in an Auto-Doc, which he programmed to perform surgery on her vocal cords, altering her voice to sound like Keyes', so she could at some point be used to unlock the vault. There's a Hologram guarding the courtyard below, you're covered. Hit Points:105→255→330(DLCs only) I know we're in a bad spot here... just, uh, leave me something, all right? Not the best of neighborhoods. Don't have much use for them myself, not worth the risk to get them. I put her in the Clinic, tuned her like an instrument. {Dean, pretends to have the upper hand against the player, defying him/her to hurry up and die.}. West Town and East Town, though... they're thick with the Cloud {emph}and Ghost People. {Talking level with the player, relieved to be saved}I'm not an idiot. He trusts you, Vera. Try and come back {emph}here? Uh... let's see... when you get the door open, there'll be an exit door dead ahead. He congratulates the player, although trying to make himself appear as having been stronger than he was i. Tries to calm himself down in the middle of being pinned down. Whichever. Song's going to end soon, you along with it. He was eventually invited to perform at the Sierra Madre, but there he quickly found himself in the shadow of the casino's founder, Frederick Sinclair. {Dean, panicking, pleads to the player to save his life.}. [SUCCEEDED] {Pleased}And that's what I've missed - a rapt audience. {Rallying}Now we finish the job. May... may be a key to her room on my desk. Sinclair left that for doctors and trained professionals, not the common folk. {Beat}Or sucker. karma Valor, you're up - discretion and me, we're outta here. Also, there's other recipes you can do with the Cloud Residue... ...although it might take a hardier survivalist than me to brew them. - stream 4 dean domino playlists including dead money, Lana Del Rey, and fallout new vegas music from your desktop or mobile device. Vera? Not the best chef, but... ...well, here's the mix, if you can stomach it. Partner! {Beat}Please. {In any interior}Breath of fresh air in here... literally. [SUCCEEDED] What? For that, Elijah wants him gone. {Taunt}How long you think you can keep dancing around out there? Watch out if you see a prize lying around - the Ghost People leave "supplies" as traps. If your marker's right, think the roost we're looking for is to the southeast. {Snorts}Heh, heh. Dean has a rather fragile ego, and is very vengeful towards anyone who bruises it, making sure they meet dire consequences down the line. And if you can wait until his buddies are close by, even better. Plus, I'm guessing wherever ol' Doggy Boy's needed doesn't need smarts. {To himself}Hold it together, Dean, you've been in worse jams. You're full of it - you kill me, we both die. Most folks, they don't have the same drive, the same need. ; Navigate the speakers to the front of the stage. The one who put these collars on us wanted me to deal with everyone first. {Narration}Shrugging it off, his mind turned instead to where the Courier had come from. So what? I'm calling the tune here - this is my theater, my show, I've waited my life to get back here. Need some help here... and that audience is {emph}not looking friendly. Where's the song recording you have? Real funny. Dean, I wouldn't leave you here, I swear. You hear me down there? I guess I should have figured you'd have an escape plan. {DUPE}{Shrugs, dismissive}I'd shed a tear, but I'm sure we'll be chatting again. Sierra Madre's mine, my heart's right where it belongs. You're not the one who has to sit up here and wait for the Ghost People to show. Then... that woman showed up, covered in scars. NVDLC01Dean.txt. {Throwaway}A few hundred years go by, give-or-take. One of the locals catches us, we aren't coming back - and I'd like to keep an eye on you. Even after... his life kept getting dragged through the dirt. Still a looker, though. Remember the collars. {To himself}Sure worked at the fountain, Vera kept the Ghost People away. {Took vending machines for granted, realizes player may not}Yeah, well, machines like those weren't unusual before the Bomb. {Slight confusion}I walk in... there's a flash... and I'm here. {Smug}Me, though, I'm a guest here, so I guess I got the royal treatment after all. {Under his breath, after battle in the theater}Not going to be performing here again, that's for sure. But... {Thinking}that's... interesting. FollowersCombatStyleRanged {To himself}And I can barely smell anything.