HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 5/17/2020. The blades don't close tight, so even when the blade is razor sharp, a tough branch will separate the blades a the bottom of the cut. We have gone through 3 loners in the last 2 years. Will need more time to see how they hold up under extreme use. These pruners are wonderful - my husband and I have a hard time cutting branches with regular pruners - these ratcheting pruners have been the best thing for both of us - they are so wonderful make my job so much easier that I ordered a set for my son - my neighbor kept asking to borrow ours because they were easier for her to use so I bought a set for her. D.S.Fuller, Built really good,cut well.I like design. 7/14/2009, First I ordered the Bypass Model but before it arrived I decided that I really should get the whole set,so I called and asked if I was able to get the anvil model and make it part of the special price offer for the set. Its been about two weeks since I received my heavy duty anvil and by pass loppers, which I bought as a pair and they work great. I can use them for hours and my arms don't get tired. Fine tool, given as a gift, used on green and dead wood which it cut through effortlessly with ratched mechanism. Well worth the price. They jumped out of the holster. Cut large branches that would need a hand saw otherwise. This is the *best one I've ever used! this makes it difficult to use lopper. The anvil loppers are perfect for those branches that are too thick for regular loppers but thin enough that you feel silly using a chain saw. Badly. 6/14/2013. 5/18/2010, I bought both these loppers. or 12 in. Finally I found replacement blade, love love love the anvil lopper. Love the extension ability of the handles too. These loppers perform well, but when extended and cutting heavy brush I have doubts to the handles holding up without bending. They are very easy to handle. 7/6/2016. Scotts 7.2-Volt. Just fine tools. Both the loppers and pruners are professional quality. Suggest frequent lubrication. A few, easy closures of the handles is all it took. I got the one for green wood and could not wait to use it. Well made and very easy to use. I also liked the ratcheting cutting action, which I had not expected. Whatever holds the handle on is out of sight up inside the top of the handle. The extra length of the handles is a real plus for my dense briar. My husband does A LOT of woodworking. Customer service goes above and beyond helping with questions and parts. Note: I updated my review with two updates below. I tackled some limbs and brush that had broken my last set of snips, and these worked very well. This is actually a shout out to Garrett Wade's excellent customer service. Good for heavy duty use. These are the best loppers one could buy. G Nordstrom, You can even order replacement blades down the road when you think it's time for a new one. These are by FAR, the best I have ever used. 12/12/2010. found the racheting loppers slipping even when tightening up the nut that loosened retuened for the loppers without the ratchet and they were excellent cutting and less chance of problems because of there simpler design was able toreturn even after warranty which i was given which I thought highly of the Co. They are very well made and they just have a feel of quality. These are not average. Commercial Pole Pruners Bar Length: 10 in. It crush dead branches rather than cuts them. The best, hardest working tool on the farm. I finally splurged and treated myself to this excellent tool. 8/5/2016. Even my wife likes this tool for the bigger branches. 7/8/2017. Diane Dahlgaard, (25 or 30 cm) Engine Type: Battery $399.95 Quote by Phone View Details Request Quote Schedule Test Drive Value Trade Request Quote Schedule Test … The ratcheting mechanism helps cut through bigger branches like butter! Pruning shears "essentiel" models; Basic models; Ergonomic models; Picking and Trimming Snips; Flower pruning shears; Spraying pruning shears; Hoof clippers; Special Edition; Loppers "Forged aluminium" … We moved out to the country recently and have probably 100+ pine trees. Well made. I was working close up with the handles in their shortest length and could not cut the 2 canes of a tough dogwood shrub -- I just did not have enough strength to pull the handles together. I have showed them off to several friends already. The anvil loppers are outstanding! Purchased lopper in 2008 and used it very little. Considering their power, they are quite light, and feel very sturdy. The ratchet feature is the key feature here. These loppers are great for women because of the ratcheting mechanism. These loppers are easy to use, I’m 65 yo and these are the best. 11/5/2018. Plus my husband has found more tools that he can use. D.A.Bunten, Unless the handles are carbon fiber, I suspect the blade has a lot more strength than the fully extended handle. Dennis Frederick, No issues. Both worked as good as advertised the quick push button handle extenders are fantastic & very light. Dave Harris, If I cannot find a better option, I will have to put a screw through the outside of the top of the handle into a hole in the attachment...a pity to have to do "shade-tree" repairs on such otherwise well\made equipment. I had to get right out and try the loppers. David Vallant, David Lind, 4/30/2020. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Tools work very well as designed. The ratcheting is a great thing!!! Thought these would be great - but are really just OK, Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2018. I'm older now, and these help me get the work done with less frustration. 5/8/2020. Excellent product, made very well, would recommend for the quality and workmanship, Victor Barrera, I would not let others use them because I loved them so much. My wife picked up one of the anvil loppers many years ago at one of the warehouse stores. Time to go do some trimming! Works than the one I own now. Do you want clean cuts instead of clippers than gnaw? 8/8/2016. I like good tools and did an internet search for best rated loppers and came up with Garret Wade tools. Awesome! Donald Doria , Makes his wood gathering so much quicker. Do you waste time searching for your pruner amid the greenery? They are not cheap but well worth the price. Used these same day received. These are the best quality tools that I have ever seen. Look forward to many years of use. The loppers were excellent for removing very small tree branches as well as 2 plus trunks of bush. They perform very well and all the features work the ratchet mechanism and the extendable handles were particularly advantageous and are a big improvement over what is available at a big box store. The expandable handles allow us to reach limbs without a ladder. I purchased both the bypass loppers and another anvil pruner and could not be happier. IF YOU DO A LOT OF YARD WORK YOU NEED THESE TOOLS. 2020 PPF-225 - ECHO $399.99 2020 PPF-225 - ECHO. I don't have very big hands and so I need good hand tools. These two loppers are so easy to use and cut with. There isn't another lopper available that can compare with these, I am sure! Vickie Buckwalter, The blade is very sharp. Customer service could not be better! I have a ratcheting lopper but this lopper has extended handles for the branches that are just out of reach. I will never use another brand again. I already done a review of them anvil loppers so now I'll do a review of them bypass loppers.I do like these loppers a lot, If you got the arm strength you can lop a two" green limb easy without strainin' the lopper none. Well I told my wife that I needed a better bypass pruner for my birthday. Thank you. 2/25/2017. I am a tree guy. A little spray lube on the spring and they are good to go. Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears - 5X More Cutting Power Than Conventional … I have had others that break or don't cut properly. I'm retired and I work for fun (plus a little money and I only buy the best tools because I don't want to have a conniption fit. The difference is remarkable; one more reminder that quality tools are worth the price. These loppers are the best I have ever used. These loppers are twice the price of local hardware stores so I expected the best. Bests choice l could have made. Both work as stated. This is a premium quality heavy duty pruning tool. Great service. 3/5/2017. Worth every penny. These pruning loppers are the best. Joe Wolfe of Garrett Wade dropped the appropriate parts into the mail to me and a couple of days later, I'm back in business. Our closure system is failure-proof….and you get a FREE HOLSTER too. The lopper is really well made and performs wonderfully. There shears are truly professional and last for years in a semi industrial forest setting. The first thing I noticed when I got the package was how well made these things were heavy strong and comfortable to handle. I am not knowledgeable on tools so my primary criteria was the loppers had to have telescoping handles. Items arrived quickly. I would not spend the money if I didn't feel that these loppers are the best ones on the market. FELCO. That was our top criteria for selecting the best … Donna Tanck, or 12 in. I tell everyone about these tools. He REALLY likes these, and said they are much heavier duty than the previous loppers. Like budder. When I first received these pruners, I wasn’t very optimistic about it out-performing two of my current ones that have an “assist” feature requiring less force at the handle for cutting. 4/14/2016. Easy for her but heavy enough for me to cut bigger limbs. They're powerful enough for her to use without a lot of effort, and they really make her feel effective in her War Against Buckthorn. I have a small Felco and a Corona Super Duty with 37" wood handles 3" cut capacity that is a beast. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. These loppers are excellent. I bought the pair of loppers. Super heavy duty-more than expected-very well made compared to my old loppers, Greg Browning, That's what I call real customer service. Wow do they work. It is a little bit too heavy for a senior female. These are the best. They have yet to bind from sap or accumulated organic debris. He esp. Brown, The bypass lopper uses a different mechanism, and the ratchet will reset to wide open if the handles are spread far apart: this can be useful for getting a fresh grip. Since my second shoulder surgery, I do NOT use any other lopers other than Garrett Wade! Anyway, I return them with no questions asked. We have an on-going trimming project with 3 Mesquite trees in our back yard. .so I guess what I bought 2 of my friends for Christmas. 10/11/2018. This is THE tool for the projects that lie ahead. Superb for cutting thick branches, metal handles are easily cleaned of sap, and adjustable handles a real boon. Marty Simmonsen, 1/5/2013. 7/25/2020. Thank you for a well built tool! Seems to be made very well. I am very pleased with this product! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I immediately threw my old, more expensive lopping shears in the dumpster. Like Felco, Fiskars has … James L. Mson, I am a volunteer trail builder in our region and spend many hours building and repairing multi use trails on public lands through IMBA and the local bicycle club. These are a great set of anvil pruning loppers. The blade heads are all business and the ratcheting action makes me fear for the trees". It is fantastic since I don't have to ask for his help or get out a saw. Patti Adams, glaciergirl, 8/24/2018. David L. Kreutzinger, ", I purchased the anvil and bypass loppers as a set along with the jumbo pole pruner (11G13.03). I have a lot of trees and bushes on my property. Very well priced and fast delivery. These are so nice! If the branch fits into the considerably wide jaws it will cut. 5/13/2017. Opening the mouth of the lopers requires an extreme stretch and the ratchet effect is minimal. I can sharpen them in the field with the file on my Leatherman, they will cut through 3/8" and even thicker blueberry cane and they take a beating. I ordered the anvil loppers and was thrilled when they were received and I tested them. Looking forward to these! KEILEOHO 8 Pack 6.5 Inch Bud Trimming Scissors, Professional Stainless Steel Garden... Corona BP 7100D Forged DualCUT Bypass Hand Pruner, 1-Inch Cut, Steel. The anvil lopper has served well for years and I don't want to be without it. View More While nothing would make the job easy they did they job perfectly, handling limbs up to 2 inches (I measured) without balking. I trimmed/sculpted and ornamental tree and removed an enormous overgrown bush. A friend told me about these loppers, and I took his advice and ordered both versions. The extendable handles make the product special for me, and when you then experience the cutting strength, you'll know why it is my favorite tool. These will last me a lifetime! You can cancel a backorder at any time by notifying us by phone, mail, fax or e-mail. Karen Poysed, We have two homes and I was so happy with the performance of the tools, that I bought a second set for the mountain home. The ratcheting action is great and significantly reduced the required effort. NICE!!! The ratchet is very well designed and works very efficiently and effectively. Had to get use to but it works great after I figured it out. The telescoping handles add to their functionality by allowing extended reach without sacrificing leverage. Mary Pat Tyndall, Garrett & Wade Premium Pruning Loppers to the rescue! I am a 77 year old female and the ratchet action allows me to cut branches that I otherwise wouldn’t be strong enough to cut. Commercial Pole Pruners Engine Type: Manual $119.95 Quote by Phone View Details Request Quote Value Trade Request Quote Value Trade. Comfortable to use. We spoke with professional gardeners, horticulturalists, and landscapers to get their recommendations on the best pruners, shears, hedge trimmers, garden scissors, and more. But I like it and I manage to use it. Bought a set a few years ago, and use them all the time particularly the bypass lopper to lop branches off felled trees and cut my way through dense brush and thorn bushes. A little hard when you are reaching high, but once I could get on the limb, the rachet made short work without a hard pull. The ratcheting mechanism makes it so easy to trim thicker limbs with little effort. Best loppers ever! 7/17/2013. They did this and were very courteous...Thanks Melanie & Another Gal,That unfortunately I didn't get her name, Kim Lombardi, Top-quality. Mother Nature cooperated and sent us a good windstorm. A real value buy. Even told a friend and he immediately ordered the same set. Even my 70 year old mother is able to trim her trees like she likes with ease. And the blade just slices through so nice and clean with no damage to the tree. Helene T, I would highly recommend these loppers, Carl Youse, Pull the handles together ... hear a click when the jaws lock in place ... open the handles ... pull again ... click ... repeat until the cut is complete. I couldn't figure out how to install the new blade. Being rather small, my wife had some doubt if she could handle these shears easily..... guess what.... she could. I cut hundreds of saplings with ease. I love these ! I ordered them before reading the reviews so when I did read them I was worried by the negative reviews. The extendable handles are great. Heather hannabass, All of our professional quality round pruners, pole saws, and poles come with either our own polished brass … Very sharp and easy to use. So glad I came across you on the internet. Give 'em a try.... we are so glad we did. Yes, the neighbors like them, too. The part that really helped me take a chance on these, was the ability to return them if I didnt like them. I used it to cut branches up on a large pin oak I recently cut down. Light and Sharp. Laura and Al, Karl Vauter, 5/18/2020. My son loves gardening so I gave him these loppers last Christmas as a gift. I was impressed by the description and specifications. Would definitely recommend & have recommended them already!!! You feel like they could cut anything. Well worth the money, the best loppers I have ever had! We have a lot of trees on our property, so we need good equipment that is easy to use. Volunteers are caring for this land - this is our third set of these powerful loppers - and they really make the difference. These loppers are so helpful and a god sent. Well made and the extension allows me to reach branches i could never get to before without a ladder. Once the opening spring is attached and anchored back in place, the next challenge is to align the holes in the blade and the two large fender washers on the sides with the specialty pivot screw while simultaneously stretching the spring and engaging the teeth with the spur gear. I highly recommend the Loppers. UPS had a fumble on delivery and GW followed through for me. We cleared a very large area for a boys group to camp in two days. The handy pouch is great for her to store the shears and so far we have not even had to think about cleaning the blades. Michael H Diamant, Love the extendable handles. ✔ EVER-SHARP, STRONG, INDESTRUCTIBLE BLADE: Our 8-inch forged steel bypass garden shears are sharp and stay that way! I can prune as fast or faster than using a bulky chain saw. in our 70's, we're working smarter! Only now I don't loan them to anyone; especially "you know who". Scott Elwell, Had one like it and it lasted for years. We had a major late spring snow event in northern Michigan and many of my trees and shrubs were damaged by the lingering, heavy snow. They are easy to use. 6/18/2016. Thank you!! ", Marshall Hammond, Harry R Archer, 7/1/2013. Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2017. Ordered -Superb for Heavy Work, Premium Pruning Loppers , 11G12.10 they arrived promptly. I bought the anvil loppers for my husband and he loved it so much we had to buy the bypass loppers. (25 or 30 cm) Engine Type: Battery Call for Price Quote by Phone View Details Request Quote Schedule Test Drive Value Trade Request Quote Schedule … This is my third set....NOT because I wore them out, but because I gave the first set to my Mother, the second set got kidnapped by my brother after he tried them out, and I cannot live without a set always at the ready for my next trimming/sizing job. Light weight and strong with adjustable length handles. I loaned them to my neighbors, both elderly women, who loved them so much they bought their own. 11/26/2016. 6/21/2020. These are nice heavy duty loppers that will be an asset to my gardening tools. My husband got these for me for my birthday and I love them! 6/12/2016. This particular looper was no longer available. 11/3/2016, Love the loppers other than the extension do not stay engaged, Gerry Leone, Plus, these expertly designed loppers and shears allow you to prune while exerting minimal effort.