This becomes very prevalent as the Black Ghost Knifefish grows past juvenile size and age. Many fish in nature are very similar to each other in body shape. Anyway so what size in litres is good, like an approximate size. The Black Ghost Knifefish is a member of the Apteronotidae family and the speckled knifefish group. Black Ghost Knifefish are considered somewhat shy compared to most Cichlid species that inhabit the same Amazonian water ways. Black Ghost Knifefish Tank Mates. Tank Size. I was wondering if a 10 gallon tank, after being fully decorated, is enough for a single black ghost knife fish to live in. With all that out to get the ghost knife fish, it would be a miracle for it in … On top of that, they can be preyed on by other bigger fishes. At a maximum size of 18-20 inches, it requires a large aquarium, though length and width are much more important than height regarding aquarium dimensions. Hobbyists should keep Black Ghost Knifefish with tank mates that are not too boisterous or aggressive. answer #2. When properly cared for, the Black Ghost Knifefish can reach well over one foot in length. Black Ghost Knifefish Behaviour Normally peaceful but individuals may be aggressive, timid Typical size 30cm Max size 50cm Tank Area Middle, all Min Tank Size 120cm Temp Min: 23℃ Max: 28℃ Feeding Meaty, sinking, live, frozen foods, May take dried foods pH Range 5.5-8.5 Hardness vs,s,m,h,vh It is an excellent weirdo fish, with ebony all over its body, and a white band on its tail, and nose. The black ghost knife fish has no scales, which makes them very sensitive to water pollutants and change in water conditions. It tends to be a bashful fish while adapting, yet will inevitably be all around amicable. Will get pictures later. Black ghost knifefish are relatively active fish that like to stay isolated and do their own thing. Read it carefully to decide if owning these fish is right for you. It will even be hand sustained. The Black Ghost Knifefish is an adored fish among specialists. Size of fish - inches: 11.8 inches (30.00 cm) - In the wild, the African Knifefish can grow as large as 12" (30 cm), but a maximum size of around 8" (20 cm) is more realistic for a tank raised specimen. However, some species have acquired a unique structure in the process of evolution. Also, how long does it take for them to reach this size? An adult silver could eat one pretty easy...probably better off with a clown knife if you have the space, or a black ghost knife if you can find a big one. Powerful filtration and regular aquarium maintenance are also necessary for this predatory fish. They spend most of their active time minding their own business, swimming across hiding spots near the substrate searching for food. they said that about the black ghost and the angelfish but the angelfish died for … Black ghost knife fish care is something that’s a better fit for an aquarist who’s been around the block a few times. Tank size is 7x4x2ft and holds around 1400 litres. How to Tell the gender of a Black Ghost Knife Fish? Feeding carnivore pellets to the daylight trained 18 inch male Black Ghost Knifefish and other ancient fish. Anything else is a stress they want to avoid. It possesses a weak electrical organ at the caudal peduncles which is … I've heard they can be as big as 20", but their average size is only 7". This section will break down the key aspects of care when it comes to tank and water needs. It is considered a true bony fish. Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons), better known in the aquarium hobby as a black knife or Black Ghost Fish is a very unusual fish from the Apteronotus family. I'm wondering what gender my Black Ghost Knife Fish?