This template includes a portfolio cover, page backgrounds and headings, and examples and suggestions for what to include on each page of your portfolio. Enthusiastic elementary educator providing creative lessons and engaging classroom instruction to promote the goals of literacy, critical-thinking, problem solving, collaboration skills and applications to everyday life for all students. Includes portfolio work for EDU292: Professional Internship, and portfolio work to demonstrate my growth to full teaching registration. Some areas are not yet completed… it will always be a work in progress. The purpose of this online portfolio is to introduce myself and to inform you of my teaching experiences in the context of the AISTL Teacher Standards. If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow preparing a teaching portfolio for the academic job market, the portfolio will necessarily be both forward- and backward-looking, with examples drawn from courses you have taught or assisted in and from courses you are prepared to teach in the future. This course provides an introduction to how digital portfolios can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. I have recently completed my fourth and final year at McGill University in the Kindergarten and Elementary Bachelor of Education program. Digital Portfolio Examples. Below are selected Digital Portfolios constructed by LSU Distinguished Communicators. 13. Husband & Father.” Peg Fitzpatrick personal brand portfolio example The teaching portfolio: a handbook for faculty, teaching assistants, and teaching fellows. Students are encouraged to review these examples and think critically about how they might construct their own portfolio. Dr. Helen Barrett, an expert on electronic teaching portfolios, recommends teachers begin developing portfolios by linking student goals to written standards. Another teacher suggested bringing an iPad to the interview with digital pictures. Nonlinear Thinking: The web facilitates nonlinear relationships between the components of your teaching portfolio. Alex Guenther & Kim Cofino; Jim Groom; Other resources to help you create a teaching portfolio: CIDR Teaching Portfolio Resources The professional teaching standards portfolio is designed to identfiy details and evidence of my professional experience and knowledges throughout my bachelor of primary education degree. Thinker. It’s hard to talk about “Digital Learning Portfolios” without really knowing what they are. Then I develop a sequence of instructional activities intended to lead to that mastery. In this portfolio, I hope you will find everything you want to know about my philosophy and views of education, my teaching style, and many aspects of the learning I have completed so far. * A. As a result, preparing a portfolio, whether digital, hard copy or both, will continue to be common in the future. Below are examples of student-teacher portfolios. The samples that you will choose should be based on your own strengths, technical skills, abilities, and industry experiences. Teaching Portfolio. This interactive resource includes all you need to get started. by Jennifer Rita Nichols. Georgia has learnt to make reflection a part of her practice, confidently moving through the different accreditation milestones as she goes. Reviewing other teachers' portfolios is a great way to get ideas and start making a list of what you like and don’t like as it pertains to overall look and layout of the portfolio, as well as the content that is collected there. Teaching in Queensland Teaching in Queensland. Rodriguez-Farrar, H. (2006). How$to$Build$anImpressive$TeachingPortfolio$ Your%portfolio%is%intended%to%showcase%the%best%qualities%of%your%teaching.%It%also%provides%evidencethat% For example, including only syllabi will not provide your audience with an idea of how you typically structure class time. 3rd edition. Welcome to my online teaching portfolio. Further, I have met this standard by ensuring that all students’ needs are met and, in the unfortunate case that they are not, I have shown that I am willing to stand up for that particular individual. During teaching rounds, I have witnessed some bullying and immediately intervened and put a stop to it, enforcing my zero tolerance approach. Photos, professional experience reports and assignments will provide evidence of my thoughts and feelings towards education and my teaching practices. As a result, they are less likely to transfer these skills to the next assignment, much less to other content areas or high-stake testing situations. I hope that you will learn all about the kind of teacher I would like to become. I think that would be a fantastic way to show your knowledge of technology! Below are links to ePortfolios from Auburn students and alumni. Why Keep a Teaching Portfolio. Students … It looks at the benefits, features and purpose of digital portfolio systems and shows examples of how teachers in Ireland are using them. This EDITABLE Teaching Portfolio comes in a modern and clean design and includes a teaching portfolio cover, portfolio dividers, binder spines, teacher resume template, table of contents page, references page, about me page, blank unit and lesson plan template, teaching phi You could also start with your philosophy of education, using those beliefs to drive your portfolio. Nathalia Suellen. At the Dreamyard Project, a collaboration between the Bronx’s Dreamyard Preparatory School and the Parsons New School of Design, the illustration below is what we think it is, and what we all agree that a digital portfolio should be: interactive, in progress, multidisciplinary and easily sharable. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm - all things that I am more than willing to provide on a daily basis. Jun 28, 2016 - Showcase your skills in a visual way to impress interviewers and land your dream teaching job! I have also included a link with background information regarding my internship placement. With a digital portfolio, it’s important to show your personality since it is just you behind the site and not a whole company of people. Just choose which pages you want to … It's no wonder our young writers struggle to remember what they learned. Holly Ann Garnett - Teaching Portfolio - 2 TEACHING PHILOSOPHY My teaching experiences have ranged from formal course instruction at Nipissing University, a liberal arts college in Ontario, to academic skill development programming at McGill University’s Teaching and Learning Services. You can conduct an online search of examples … The people featured are a diverse bunch of writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers, but all have sites that do an excellent job of showing … Goals. Digital portfolios are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms across North America. User Guides. Teaching portfolios should include a teaching philosophy​ and a set of artifacts that provide evidence for your claims. STRV. QCT iBook. For example, you can include video footage of yourself teaching, an audio voiceover providing context and reflection on the portfolio, or instructional computer programs or code you have written. 12 Educational Apps To Create Digital Portfolios. When going on an interview, it is a great way to show off your students’ artwork and give a visual example of what you can do. Examples of teaching portfolios created by University of Virginia faculty and teaching assistants in different disciplines. In addition to print media represented by text and photos, you can use … ePortfolio Examples Welcome to the Auburn University ePortfolio Examples page. Select digital portfolio samples that can represent who you are. What it’s about: STRV is a digital product agency focused on creating mobile experiences. Here are a few samples of other digital professional teacher portfolios. Students are expected to demonstrate conceptual … Nathália Suellen is an artist and illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who … Introducing who and what you right away is one way of doing that, like in this example, Charlie is a “Designer. Georgia is a great example of what you can achieve using Edufolios! Portfolio: Why it’s special: STRV uses videos to give visitors a taste of how the agency works. The first one is a technically elaborate example (created with Flash). She is one of our wonderful Edufolios members who has been growing and celebrating her successes using an Edufolios teacher portfolio. You can easily provide an impression of your range if your samples can represent who you are as a professional. Learn what to include and how to organize an educational portfolio. For each course, I identify the concepts and procedures that I want each student to master. Stand out from the crowd! Teacher Samples. Under 'Home' you can access 'Educational Quotes' which is a collection of quotes that are relevant to teaching in accordance to my teaching … Creating a teaching portfolio has enormous benefits to your career and job search. Select a Variety of Content. Portfolio Site Examples To close out this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite portfolio sites . Sometimes, weeks pass by the time we complete reading, discussion, and writing activities. Here is my digital Teaching & Learning Portfolio on Langwitches. Easy to follow instructions to create and share your portfolio. There is a lot of research supporting portfolios as a tool for lifelong learning and your job search. School administration, teachers, parents, and students are all recognizing the benefits of this amazing tool. Be sure to select a range of materials that provide a holistic picture of your teaching. Becoming a teacher; Value of registration; Teacher education programs ... Find out how to evidence your practice using the QCT Digital Portfolios. You are visiting my digital teaching portfolio. Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Brown University. Examples of Teaching Portfolios Page Content Examples of award-winning national teaching portfolios are available on the HELTASA (Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa) website. TEACHING PORTFOLIO FOR X. Here you will find a variety of ePortfolios that include thoughtful reflections and relevant artifacts that showcase … However, it is possible to create one that is not so flashy but will still highlight your achievements and experience: Sarah Chessman; Welcome to Miss Tams's classroom! Y. You should also identify your portfolio's purpose and primary audience. Reading and writing portfolios are important because they help students stop to reflect on the skills they have learned. Above you can find links to my resume (letters of recommendation included), personal teaching philosophy, and classroom management techniques.
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