In fact, certain times of year this isn't the best place to try to get to with a low-slung sedan, unless you don't like it very much. But you could do worse than hiking Moro Ridge, a trail following the namesake ridge from Pacific Coast Highway to Bommer Ridge Road, and north to the park's entrance on the ridge. There are various hiking routes you can take to hike to Mt. One super bloom destination that’s not open any other time of year is Riverside County’s Wildflower Trail at Diamond Valley Lake. North of Barstow, this series of outcrops of multicolored lake sediments were laid down about 16 million years ago during the unsurprisingly named Barstovian period, when the desert was much wetter. Doheny has a day use surfing beach at its northern end and a five-acre lawn with picnic facilities and volleyball courts. One of the best payoffs to a Southern California hike is water – but while many of our waterfalls are running dry in the summer months (and several years into a drought), you can still hike five miles around Debs Park in NELA and find yourself taking a rest on a lakeside bench, surrounded by ducks and turtles. Our 280 parks protect and preserve an unparalleled collection of culturally and environmentally sensitive features and ancient habitats, including many significant California Indian villages. This park's lovely namesake trees are a must-see for anyone in the area. Here are five of this oil town’s greatest contributions to the Southland, some of which may surprise you. ", You might even meet a former pilot with some stories to tell. Even if you don’t have a boarding pass for a flight departing out of LGB, it’s worth a visit to see the Streamline Moderne vintage terminal, the historic photos of the Douglas Aircraft Company (including the origin story of “Rosie the Riveter”), and the WPA-era mosaic tiles. Valencia Peak serves up enchanting coastal views during the hike to its 1,347-foot summit. Founded in 1866, Anaheim Cemetery was the city’s first graveyard — and the oldest such burial ground in all of Orange County. If you’re the type of hiker that needs a destination at the top (or the end) of a trail, the concrete tank at the top of the so-called “Potato Mountain” (sometimes spelled “Potatoe”) may just do the trick., Southern California Live Steamers, Torrance. ", There are plenty of mining ghost towns in the Owens Valley. Known as "The Shortest Railway in the World,” Angels Flight merely climbs one little hill — Bunker Hill — that’s one block in length. ", Again, this is the type of beach Santa Barbara it littered with: bluffs, intermittent stretches of rocky and sandy beaches, and serene ocean views. Location: Sutter County       Note: This park is not open to the public at this time. ", To get to the talus caves at Circle X, you’ve got to take a reverse hike through the “Camp Circle X” former Boy Scout camp, once settled by Spanish rancheros, where sandstone formations loom in the distance. The park is comprised of six sites with the "Sonoma Barracks" having valuable interpretation activities of California Indian culture. Technically, you’d have to get on the water to reach one of the actual Channel Islands. Location: Clear Lake      Park Unit Phone:    707-994-0688, Antelope Valley Indian Museum:  The Antelope Valley Indian Museum (AVIM) interprets the California Indian cultures of the Western Great Basin, East and Southeast of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. San Francisco Bay Area - Museum of the American Indian For many westerners, winter camping in the California Desert means Death Valley National Park. The southeastern end of the county is shielded by mountains from the light domes of San Diego/Tijuana to the west, and Mexicali/Imperial County the the east. The Tuna Club is widely considered the birthplace of the sport of big game fishing — thanks to its founder, Dr. Charles Frederick Holder, catching a 183-pound bluefin tuna off these island shores in 1898. Location:   Burney         Park Unit Phone:  530-335-2777, Monterey State Historic Park:  The Monterey Museum of the American Indian, located upstairs in the Pacific House of the Monterey SHP,  presents beautiful baskets, pottery and other Native American artifacts. Then, the policy changed so that you could go alone, but you’d have to pay the equivalent of admission for two. It's possible to enjoy the quiet serenity of waterfalls, the calm beauty of ice-chiseled peaks and valleys and the slow rustle of Ponderosa pines as you hike. Mc Arthur-Burney Memorial Falls State Park. Blessing of the Animals expands upon the original practice of ensuring the health and fertility of livestock and bestows blessings upon any animal you can bring. Drive 34 miles north on the Angeles Crest Highway and you’ll hit a little-known part of the San Gabriel Wilderness and one of the lesser-known ski resort areas, Mt., All over the country, families recognize the “Big Boy.”,, “Aunt” Biddy’s story — from her birth to her death as one of L.A.’s wealthiest women in 1891, with several real estate holdings — is told on the memorial wall in an installation by artist Sheila Levrant de Bretteville called “Biddy Mason's Place: A Passage of Time.”, Borrego Springs is a great gateway to the state's largest state park, Anza-Borrego, and its residents and businesses have enthusiastically taken on the task of keeping night lighting to a minimum to preserve Anza-Borrego's night-time environment. All of these creatures have amazingly adapted to seemingly uninhabitable and inhospitable surroundings – but if Painted Rock is any indication, then humans once found a way to thrive here, too. There were a lot of Indians living there . Although you can rent and launch from the harbor, you’ll find more peace and quiet at Morro Bay State Park. But according to security guards, live-in caretakers, and cleanup crews, the former sanitarium is anything but vacant. Today, visitors are able to see and enjoy cultural representations of these early societies, from rock paintings to ancient village sites, from reconstructed dwellings to museum exhibits., 5 Great Places to Explore Native California, Healing Through Music with Voices of Creation's Jazz at L.A.'s Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church. Exhibited in this two-story museum are outstanding examples of the technology and crafts of the Miwok and other Sierra Nevada native American groups. Pedal a water tricycle at Irvine’s large regional park. The Indian Health Service (IHS), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. All roads may not lead to Barstow, but at the very least, Highway 58 starts there. Okay, so you don't have the car this week and can't get out to Malibu or the Antelope Valley. It may be in Orange County, but Angel Stadium represents the City of Angels with its major league baseball team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Grand Central Market has been providing public gathering space centered around food since 1917, when it opened on the ground floor of the Homer Laughlin Building. Admire the masterwork of architects Morgan & Walls at the Arcade, which opened as a vaudeville theatre and got renamed as a hat tip to the nearby Arcade Building. If you’re not afraid of a little salt, there is an area of the Salton Sea that is open for fishing, kayaking, and swimming — and that’s at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area on the eastern shore. For a free, all-day tribute to The King – near the anniversary of his death, look no further than Garden Grove. An eclectic series of screenings, discussions, and Q&As with actors, directors, and producers, presented by KCET. The Kawaiisu migrated from the Great Basin and made Tehachapi their home for two to three thousand years. Although technically this sculpture garden is artist Robby Gordon’s backyard in the Hollywood Hills, most of it is visible from the roads on either side of it. This haunting spot in the Great Basin section of the California desert owes its beauty to the seemingly unearthly setting: odd pinnacles of calcium carbonate rising from a very alkaline lake. This is one of those places. At the "Feast of Gratitude and Gravy," you can experience a communal Thanksgiving in the most rustic setting around — deep in the San Gabriel Mountains, with all your supplies having been brought up by a band of pack mules. A visit to the Mullin Automotive Museum is a much more specific experience of car collecting than some other collections. This Gothic cathedral at the corner of Sixth and Commonwealth is actually the FCC's fifth home, completed in 1932. Irvine Regional Park (formerly known as Orange County Park until 1928) is Orange County's oldest park and California's first county park. As many of the Fish & Wildlife-managed ones still do, this Ventura County fish hatchery raises — or “farms” — trout eggs to become fully-formed fish that will be released into SoCal waterways where they don’t occur naturally. Every year seems like it’s going to be the last for the towering, apocalyptic holiday creation by outsider artist Kenny Irwin, Jr., Griffith Park & Southern Railroad Holiday Light Train. ... Jesse Peter Native American Art Museum Santa Rose Junior College 1501 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 tel (707) 527-4479 fax (707) 527-4816. Santa Paula has neither the biggest local airport nor the largest collection of interesting planes, but the no-frills air field and its hangars let the privately-owned vintage planes housed there shine. ", At 1,076-feet, Hazard Peak is twice as tall as surrounding peaks, making it the ideal perch from which survey the coast and mountains. It started out as a humble fruit stand back in 1929, and now it’s got three buildings on six acres with an entire acre just for parking. A garden of specialized, curated selection of more than 3000 desert plants separated by their natural habitats (mostly, the Americas – Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Mexico, etc.
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