The officer was off duty walking with his wife when he noticed that a shark … Last Updated: 20th July, 2020 21:05 IST Cop From Florida Jumps Into Water, Saves Boy's Life From Approaching Shark Adrian Kosicki, Cocoa Beach Police Officer from Florida jumped into water to save a boy from a shark. In the commotion, it is not clear in which direction the shark swam off. The agency said on Facebook, "Adrian made the decision to quickly enter the water and pull the boy from the surf as the shark began to get dangerously close, within only a couple of feet at its nearest distance.". Adrian immediately ran into the water to pull the boy, who was unaware of the shark… News from New Zealand suggests man's best friend is in fact the bottlenose dolphin. 34 *OFFICER* SAVES KID FROM *SHARK ATTACK* Shark was trailing kid on beach... but off duty officer pulled kid as shark was about to take a bite. A boy swimming at Cocoa Beach had a close call with a shark but luckily a police man rushed into the path of danger to get the little boy out of the way. It was the highest number in the four decades that records have been kept. ... Police Officer Saves Kid from Shark Attack while Walking on … ... Bodycam Footage In Death Of Man, 21, Released By Tempe PD. Police Man Saves Boy From A Shark In Cocoa Beach . Off-duty officer saves child from shark swimming ‘dangerously close’ in Florida. The shark was dangerously close to the minor while he practiced ‘boogie-boarding’ on a beach in the state of Florida. Cocoa Beach Police Officer Adrian Kosicki was off-duty Thursday evening, July 16, walking on the beach with his wife near the pier when they noticed a shark approaching a small boy on a boogie board. The shark reportedly was nearly 7 feet long, but her husband said he didn't give the size much thought. Adrian made the decision to quickly enter the water and pull the boy from the surf as the shark began to get … COCOA BEACH, FL – Last Thursday, July 16, an off-duty Cocoa Beach Police Officer saved a little boy from almost being attacked by a shark. The panicked man is seen pulling the boy out of the water. The man’s sudden decision apparently scared off the shark. Off-duty police officer Adrian Kosicki was walking along Florida’s Cocoa Beach coast when he saw a shark approaching a small boy on a boogie board. The incident came just a week after a shark bit a teenager's foot at the surf hub of New Smyrna Beach, as reported by CBS Miami. Well, Greg had to be feeling the same sort of terror, trying to get himself and Jake out of the water with a hungry shark … Off Duty Florida Police Officer Saves Young Boy From Shark Attack . He lunged in and grabbed the kid with just seconds to spare before the shark arrived. An Australian dad has rescued his son from a shark's jaws after it snatched the boy from a fishing boat and began mauling him. When the shark took his son, the father quickly jumped into the sea to save him. A police officer from Florida, was recorded the moment when he manages to save a boy who was dangerously being approached by a shark on the beach of Cocoa.. But she didn’t stop there. Michigan man moved to tears as the US elects first female vice-president. The shark appeared to be a juvenile white tip shark. Shark attack saves man's life after he discovers he has cancer. The International Shark Attack File listed 79 confirmed shark attacks last year, 10 of them fatal. And in June, a shark killed a 60-year-old surfer at Salt Beach near Kingscliff on the far north coast of New South Wales. Boombi. NO MAN is going to wrestle a shark that large to shore in two feet of water, that is one powerful animal, and they had cut the cable, and hide the rods by the time the Medic’s got there. A police officer told today how a shark guided him to a rescue boat after he had drifted helplessly in the Pacific Ocean for 15 weeks. The boy was boogie-boarding when Officer Adrian Kosicki noticed a shark swimming dangerously close to the boy. … Video of an 11-year-old Australian girl rescuing a small shark trapped in a tidal pool is delighting the internet. WATCH: Off-duty officer jumps in to save boy from shark that got ‘dangerously close’ at Florida beach Shark was within 'a … In the News Footage of a woman having her bikini top pulled clean off by a man enraged by her twerking has gone viral after the bizarre incident in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, made its way onto social media. The post continued, "We're certainly not marine biologists, educated and trained to differentiate … England Euro 2020 squad: Who will make Southgate’s 23-man Three Lions panel for 2021 tournament? Cop saves boy from shark after it gets 'dangerously close' in terrifying video. Before the shark got the chance to get closer, the officer rushed into the water to pull the boy out. Brave 11-Year-Old Saves Shark Stuck Between Rocks Without thinking, the brave little girl reached down into the water and freed the shark. The father-of-two said the shark struck him "harder than I've ever been hit in my life" Kashmira Gander @kashmiragander. Bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at … Remember when you were a kid and the monster was reaching out for you in the dark, you just knew you were going to be grabbed from behind. A 62-year-old man who bravely dragged a shark away from children at an Australian beach has been fired from his job at a British charity because he had claimed to be on sick leave. ... Man Attacks Officers with a Knife Resulting in Officer Involved Shooting. The kid was on a paddle board and he obviously didn't see the shark heading toward him. Hero dad Charlie Winter punched a shark 5 times to save his 17-year-old daughter Paige Winter during an attack on June 2, in North Carolina image caption A bull shark is believed to have carried out the attack on Mr Eddy A pregnant woman dived into the sea in the Florida Keys to save her husband from an attacking shark. Transcript for Mystery Man Saves Teenager from Shark Attack teenage boy lucky to be alive after a sudden close encounter with a shark. "I sure didn't want to let it go. By Mo & Sally Jul 20, 2020. 34 *OFFICER* SAVES KID FROM *SHARK ATTACK* Shark was trailing kid on beach... but off duty officer pulled kid as shark was about to take a bite. Chinese women finds … Man Saves Dog From Shark July 20, 2019 No Comments. An off-duty police officer in Florida jumped into the ocean to pull a boogie-boarding boy to safety after a shark was spotted swimming toward the child in a heart-pounding video. Pet Dog Attacked By Shark.
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