After 3 phone calls to Sears, over an hour of time & getting transferred continuously & speaking with at least 7 people, I’ve been told different things & now I’m told the parts won’t be covered even though my written warranty says 7 years on the compressor. I called Sears and they said they have to fix everything it could be before they would replace compressor!! We did not buy the extended warranty. I thought we shopped and bought a product to last and had good reviews. Sears and LG Electronics announce Recall to repair approximately 20,000 Refrigerators. Had it four year now having that problem. Does anyone know if the LFXS30766 model included in this? The compressor is supposed to be under warranty for 10 years, but I have heard complaints that there is $150 dollar service fee for the technician to come out and confirm the issue is the compressor. Bought a Sear Kenmore Elite 3 door Counter Depth. Both read 60' Fahrenheit. called a local repair place, their tech showed up the next day and said "oh, Kenmore, i bet it is the LG compressor..." and after he opened it up, he was right. From everyone's comments it sounds like quite a hassle to try to get it repaired. Minimal amount has been offered for lost food, which doesn't even come close to what it actually costs. Called Sears Repair on 8/24/19 and they gave us a date of 9/10/19 for the technician to "diagnose" the problem although we kept telling them that we were sure it was the compressor. !.411 and. my Kenmore Pro refrigerator has broken 6 times in 1 year. Was told by LG that the company (which they referred) I called for repairs was not an LG authorized company. It is now 2020 and its not even 5 years old and we are in need of a repair again for the same problem, not cooling. I just had to pay 500 for a new inverter- after waiting more than 2 weeks for the part, I have to pay another 250 for another board that the new inverter says was not working. Was told the compressor overheated & refrigerant leaked out. 795.74023.411 on 8/7/2015. It's a good thing we have a little frig in our garage. LG Queensland – 23 Terrace Place Murarrie QLD 4172 Tel: (07) 3399 4179 Having to pay for the tech to install the new compressor based on their warranties. I now have had 3 other service calls all 4-6 months a part for the same issue. Sept 11, 2018. We paid 3rd party to come and install parts and the new compressor was dead!! Joined Aug 24, 2004 Messages 110,731 Location McMullen Valley, Arizona. 2nd tech ( from another company) said same thing but didn’t charge me. We contacted sears and was told that our warranty had expired. Please help! bought a Kenmore Elite in June of 2016 based on salesman's recommendation and product brochure advertising long life, high efficiency and quiet operation... Ha! At 1 year and 1 month some motherboard issue ($400). They should not be allowed to sell these products stating that they will last 15-plus years when they know they will only last a minimum of three years it's against the law and I hope that this gets brought to light and all of us customers who got duped into believing that we had a good product will be justified!!! The part was backordered. Any idea where I could get plastic replacement parts for the inside of the knob that goes onto the stem? Kenmore Elite 73033 795.73033.410 - purchased in September 2015 and it died September 2019. On Sunday 7/3/2016, the inside top bulbs failed too turn off for an undetermined amount of time which resulted in a melted housing, charred sockets, rise in temp and loss of contents. My Kenmore Elite 74015 30.6 cu. Sears will not because they know that LG knows there is a defect in the compressor. Have photos. Yesterday we found that it was not working. I too, bought a Kenmore Elite (really LG ) Trio refrigerator, with bottom freezer, in April 2015. So far I don't have any issue with LG tech support, my case was handle quickly with one phone call and it did not cost me a dime. 3 months without a fridge! I live in a rural area so distance would probably increase the uncovered labor charges! I think they knew exactly what was going on and I am ready to fight for what I think is right. I will never buy LG or Sears appliances again. If the linear compressor goes out the first year, the limited warranty states that Sears will replace the compressor and cover all the workmanship. Repairmen recommended Whirlpool family of products but next time I will do even more research. 12/16/2016 LG Portable Air Conditioners . This guy informed me this is typical for these LG refrigerators and he does this work at least 1-2 times a week and he said don't be surprised if the replacement doesn't do the same thing because they have not fixed the problem in the replacements. 4/4/2018 Vornado Air Vortex Electric Space Heaters (Online Only) View Complete Recall Details . If you have either the STFS Rangehood or Microhood products with the four digit “4516” date code or the “Dec 2022” date code set forth above, please notify us promptly so that we can ship new replacement product to you.We also ask that you remove any potentially affected Stovetop FireStop products containing the above mentioned codes from service by sending it back to us for evaluation. They also told me this is a widespread issue and he even knew the model numbers by heart because of the number of calls he gets. My LG refrigerator has died twice (compressor failed twice) withing 4 years since it was purchased. Didn t see number on recall list but should be. It's a LEMON! No help has been offered to reimburse us for the cooler or the ice. 74025. The compresser will finally quit. Consumers whose burner heat setting cannot be regulated by using the controls or who experience problems with a cooktop … Model #795.74013.410, RE; KENMORE ELITE PURCHESED 2011.. MODEL 7957253, My Kenmore Elite model 745 74022 410 has continual. Fridge quits cooling and freezing. We did not purchase a Sears service agreement so how can they just null in void a manufacture warranty for the parts contained in the frig by another company? Win $500 Gift Card, LED OLED 4K TV or Wireless Soundbar, V50 ThinQ Phone, when you register our LG product. Like everyone, I lost a lot of valuable food and I have to buy mini-fridge to keep household running. Make Offer - LG Gas Stove. I just discover the ice maker also shorted out and burnt. Last Monday April 23 Refrig stopped working. My fridge barely lasted two years. Bought a L.G fridge freezer in November 2016. Turns out this model of Kenmore Elite has a huge recall due to Linnear Compressor failure. $450 to get it fixed under warranty make sure you get the new compressor, the old models may last a week to a couple of years according to the tech. Serial # 305KRZH1U677 We purchased this French door refrigerator from a local furniture store currently out of business in 2014. They tell me there is no recall for this issue. I noticed a lot of class action suits being started may have to sign up for one of those. Consumers whose burner heat setting cannot be regulated by using the controls or who experience problems with a cooktop burner remaining on, should immediately stop using the recalled electric range until it is repaired. Tech put his hand on the compressor and said it was way too hot. Will cost upwards of $900 to be fixed not counting all the food that was lost and money being spent eating out all meals. The fan motor noise becomes so loud you cannot carry on a conversation while standing next to it. It is now July 2018 and the refrigerator has gone out again! Due to potential electrical safety issue, LG Electronics is voluntarily recalling the above microwave ovens. Called Sear Service and was told the soonest someone could come out was 5 days later! I just want my ice maker fixed and tired of mopping water that leaks through the dispenser, that is going to ruin my new floors. One LG rep was as rude as rude could be. is my concern that the Door Hinge Bushing top door base plastic bracket, cover or part, have broke in 22 month period used. It is not working. New control board. VERY limited income. The next day a service tech came and said the motor and the fan needed to be replaced and quoted a price of $425. Tech support check and schedule tech to come out today. Yet its been a week and our refrigerator still does not work. It's a scam to sell off the lemon appliances, and I fell in the trap, and now I'm stuck with an appliance which needs quarterly maintenance and repairs. If your LG product is not listed below but you still have concerns about its safety, please contact the retailer or manufacturer directly for further guidance and information. We have photos of the thermometers and of all the defrosted food. LG is willing to fix it per our repair serviceman but Sears is unwilling to release the serial number so LG can authorize a work order number. Since, it's not an Elite Sears will not cover repair. I've read a lot of complaints (on facebook ) about these refrigerators breaking down; And how LG has been giving people the run-around. Postal lady knew us and the problems we were having so she delivered. I too purchased a kenmore elite model 795.740!! None available. I even tried to get the part myself. Just a month ago it stopped working. Purchased Kenmore Elite 3 door refrigerator Model# 795.73133.410 October 2016 paid $2010 on sale from Sears. L G refrigerators with linear compressers are failing. I would like help from anyone ... this was a 3500.00 refrigerator. The microwave alone was over $300 and was purchased alongside a refrigerator, and stove (all LG smart appliances). Purchased a Kenmore Elite 3 Door 9/14/17. The repair places around here stopped because they would replace parts and the frig still didn't work. I called and was informed that my warranty expired on april 30, 2018. We were left with over $300 worth of spoiled food that we were never compensated for, even though the extended warranty claims to cover lost food.
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