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on the rules of handling – in a computerised personal data registry system – the personal data provided by the users of the online newsletter and feedback-transmission application (hereinafter: Application) accessible on the website (hereinafter: Website), operated by Carussel-International Digitális Marketing- és CRM Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (seat: 2013 Pomáz, Huszár utca 13. C ép. tetőtér 48., company registration number: 13-09-136780) (hereinafter: Data Controller).

1 Name of the Data Controller

Carussel-International Digitális Marketing- és CRM Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

2 Contacts of the Data Controller

mail address: 1133 Budapest, Gogol utca 13.


3 Data Protection Register

Pursuant to paragraph (1), Art. 28. § of Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest (hereinafter: Avtv.) the Data Controller had declared this activity before the commencement thereof to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection for registry.

Identity no. of Data Controller:
No. of data management:
Registration no. of data management:

4 General Description of the Data Management

4.1 Data Collection, Registration

The Data Controller collects and handles personal data related to individuals (hereinafter: Concerned Persons) submitting their personal data (hereinafter: Data) voluntarily in the course of the registration (hereinafter: Registration) necessary for the proper use of the Application on the Website.

The Application had been developed in such a way that the Concerned Persons are informed – upon the start of the use thereof, i.e. at the Registration – on the scope, the purpose, the method and the duration of the management of the Data; the Application records the Data exclusively following the declaration of the relevant consent of the Concerned Person at the Registration. By the Registration the Concerned Persons state that the Data provision is voluntary, and that they consent that the Data Controller shall carry out the data management by the express consent and approval of the Concerned Persons in compliance with the provisions of these Data Management Regulations, in accordance with the regulations of Avtv.

4.2 The Purpose of the Data Management

The purpose of the data management is keeping record of the contact information and other personal data for the information of the Concerned Persons on the novelties of products, services and operation of the Data Controller, and for collecting satisfaction feedback.

4.3 The Scope of the Controlled Data

The Data Controller handles the following Data provided by the Concerned Persons voluntarily: title, first name, family name, sex, e-mail address, phone, position.

4.4 Legal Grounds for Data Management

All Concerned Persons state at the Registration that the Data provision has taken place in awareness of the provisions of the Data Management Regulations, voluntarily, by their own will, and that they have given consent to the handling of the Data by the Data Controller in accordance with these Data Management Regulations.

The Concerned Persons by the Registration also grant approval that based on the Data concerning them and provided by themselves in the course of the Registration the Data Controller shall be entitled to sent them electronic newsletters and request the provision of client satisfaction information from the Concerned Persons by using the provided e-mail contact.

4.5 The Term of the Data Management and Deletion of the Handled Data

With respect to the fact that based on the provisions set forth herein the Data Controller intends to use the Data for and to the extent of the aims of Carussel International Kft. as a business association of client information and the collection and assessment of client-satisfaction feedback, the term of the data controlling matches the subsistence of these targets. Inasmuch as the Data Controller no longer wishes to continue the above client information and satisfaction feedback data collection, the Data Controller shall – in accordance with Avtv. – discontinue the Data Management detailed in the present Data Management Regulations, and shall delete the controlled Data from its registers without delay.

The Concerned Persons shall be entitled to request at any time, also preceding the above time the rectification or the deletion of the Data related to him/her. The written request for the rectification or deletion shall be sent to the mail or e-mail address of the Data Controller, recorded in section 2 of these Data Management Regulations. The Data Controller shall rectify or delete the Data related to the Concerned Person within 5 (five) days following the receipt of the relevant request of the Concerned Person.

5 Data Protection

The Data Controller shall protect and handle the recorded Data confidentially. The Data Controller shall not disclose any Data to third persons, unless if ordered to do so by statutory regulations or authoritative orders.

6 The Rights of the Concerned Persons Regarding the Data Management

Upon the request of the Concerned Person the Data Controller shall provide information on the Data controlled in respect of him/her and on the purpose, the legal grounds and the duration thereof.

The Concerned Person shall have the right to request from the Data Controller the rectification of his/her personal Data in accordance with the provisions of section 4.5 hereof. The Concerned Person shall be entitled to revoke without time limit and free of charge its consent granted to the data controlling, and shall have the right to demand the deletion of his/her Data in accordance with section 4.5 hereof. The Concerned Person shall – also by the further controlling of his/her Data – be entitled to revoke the approval to be the addressee of the client information sent by the Data Controller without time limit and free of charge; he/she shall have the right to send a claim in writing to the availabilities of the Data Controller recorded in section 2, that the Data Controller shall refrain from sending electronic newsletters and client satisfaction assessment sheets to the Concerned Person in the future.

The Concerned Persons shall exercise their rights related to data management, provided by Avtv. and other relevant statutes, and shall also have the right to turn to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 22.) with questions related to the data management.

7 Amendments to the Data Management Regulations

The Data Controller reserves the right to the unilateral amendment of the present Data Management Regulations, by the appropriate publication of the amended Regulations.