Dental Treatment Hungary Reviews

My zirconium bridge has been made. It's perfect. I'm entirely satisfied with it. The doctor and the stuff did an excellent job. I liked the way they treated me. They paid attention to everything. All my expectations were fulfilled and the treatment was based on them. — Rachel Smith, U.K.

Treatment: Zirconium ( metal free) bridge

3 years ago I got inserted 6 pieces of implants by CONTIDENT in Hungary, Budapest. It was a fast, perfectly served surgery with really less pain. 3 months later I got my 12-pieced bridge too above my implants. Everything is all right since then, the whole system works well. — Adrian Mayer, Spain

Treatment: Implants + Porcelain bridge

My porcelain bridges are perfect.
Chewing has been safe and simple since then.
I got used to it very fast.
— Sylvia Red, U.K.

Treatment: Porcelain Bridges

I’m very pleased with the end result of my dental trip.
The dentist was very professional and the staff very polite.
I feel so confident and ready to smile again.
— Susan Healy, Ireland
I’m glad that i chose your dental clinic in Hungary because of the recommendation of my cousin. He told me that the dentist was very professional. He was right, because i didn’t feel any pain or any fear. And my teeth turned out beautifully.
People tell me they look as if they were my own.
— Isabell Mayer, Spain

Treatment: Upper and Lower Full Mouth Restoration (2x12-unit porcelain fused to metal dental bridge)

I’ve got premium quality implants and porcelain bridge instead of my old denture. The difference is astonishing. I feel free during eating and talking. I don’t have to worry about my teeth falling out of my mouth. It’s been a wonderful change in my life. — Amanda Bear, U.K.

Treatment: Implants + Porcelain Bridges

Nice and clean environment, multilingual staff, practically no waiting. Doctor there is very professional, so I very happy with results.
Prices are right too.
— Tatyana Andreyeva, Sweden

Treatment: Dental Implant + Porcelain Crown + Root Canal

Thanks! The treatment was fair and performed with great skill. Everything was fine. — Andrey Vashestov, Sweden

Treatment: Porcelain Bridge

I left your surgery feeling good. I am really satisfied with the results of the dental treatment and also with you keeping to the original price. — Bent Hanssen, Denmark

Treatment: Crowns, Bridges (3 dental crowns fused to metal + 1x5 unit porcelain fused to metal dental bridge)

I am a returning patient at Contident in Hungary. I was there in January first. I had a small dental bridge made then. Since it didn’t just turn out beautifully but it has also worked well ever since, i went back in October to have all of my other bridges remade. I haven’t regretted travelling abroad for such great service. The new bridges are just perfect ! Besides, it cost 2600 pounds less than what it would have cost at home. I can recommend Contident to everyone because they are kind and highly professional. — Elizabeth Timothy, U.K.

Treatment: Root Canal Treatment, Bridges

Both my wife and i needed dental implants but we couldn’t have afforded them at home.That’s why we started looking at clinics abroad. After a lot of research we opted for Contident . The whole team is very professional . It’s clearly visible they have had a lot of experience in dental tourism. It was really comforting for us to know that we could count on them outside the clinic, too. They were very helpful in arranging things for us besides the actual treatment. Since we are an elderby couple who are finding it ever harder to find our way around in unknown places, it was really wonderful for us to get this kind of help in a foreign country. — John Barry Smith, U.K.

Treatment: Implants, Sinus Lift, Bridges

I’m a young university student. I didn’t take care of my teeth so they deteriorated. I heared from many people, that they had their teeth made in Hungary, because it’s cheaper than here, surgeries are well equipped and they also do an excellent work. One of my mother’s colleagues told me to have a look at what Contident can offer. She is satisfied with their price and quality as well. I spent 5 days in Budapest. I am pleased with my new teeth and moreover I saved 1500 pounds and had a great time. Adam, one of the team, knows all the cool places in Budapest. He took me to a different place each night. It was amazing! Two friends of mine have visited them since then and they also said that the whole team was professional and everything was cool. I can recommend Contident to everyone. They give a great quality on an affordable price and help you with everything. — Andy Thompson, U.K.

Treatment: Veneers, Crowns (8 dental veneers + 4 dental crowns)

Very happy with the treatment, thanks for all your help. I would have no hesitation in recommending your surgery.
— Dan Richardson, USA
Many thanks to all the staff of Contident. Really pleased with my new smile. — Amanda Barrett, Ireland

Treatment: Upper and Lower Full Mouth Restoration (2x14-unit porcelain fused to metal dental bridge)